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Happy Xmas Eve… Enjoy! 😆

1️⃣ I am just as much of a tree hugging yogi hippie who dreams of life in a treehouse, as I am a driven entrepreneur who wants to travel business class and stay at 5 star hotels. (I choose both).

2️⃣ I have 11 Finnish Championships in high diving, and I also competed in the World Championships.

3️⃣ When I was a little girl I had an imaginary dog for 2 years. It had my parents really concerned.

4️⃣ I love people & socialising just as much as I love sitting in stillness by myself. Having too much of either will drive me up the wall. It’s a balance I continue to keep juggling. (can you tell I’m a Gemini).

5️⃣ I’m really funny, silly and playful behind the scenes (oh and in public of course!). I’m totally the funniest person I know (at least I think so) 😆 I LOVE having FUN! I can even turn an elevator ride into the funniest adventure. The Earth Is My Playground (it’s even tattooed on my ribcage!).

6️⃣ Even as a little girl I always knew I was different to the other kids. I tried so hard to fit in because that’s what I thought I had to do. As soon as I finished high school in Finland I packed my suitcase and embarked on the wildest adventure of my life (still on it). I arrived to Australia at 19 yrs of age. I always dreamt of changing the world and travelling the world, so of course that’s what I now do.

7️⃣ One of the funniest memories I have from my childhood is when I collected approx 30-40 spiders into a Tupperware container, then went and poured them over my mums head. She had fun picking them out of her hair 😂

8️⃣ I currently live a minimalist lifestyle. I sold ALL of my furniture in 2016. But I do still have way too many clothes for my liking… I don’t even really like wearing clothes or shoes. Especially high heels. I feel like a newborn giraffe wearing them.

9️⃣ When I was a little girl I had a crush on a famous Finnish athlete. My step-sister walked in on me kissing the TV when he was featured on the sports news. I was so traumatised it took me a few years to get over it. Especially when my sister kept making fun of me.

🔟 I have a deeper than deep side to me.. I see things and I feel things before they happen. I love deep conversation and deep emotional human connection. Want to talk about the multiverse, the sacred geometry, the soul journey & human experience, the different dimensions of self, unicorns, spirits – and how we are going to shift this planet? Perfect – Give me a call! But then… let’s spoon peanut putter straight out of the jar and do handstands after! 😆

I hope you have a blessed (and fun) Xmas.

Love you! ❤️
Linda x

PS – Don’t ever hide who you are.
The only person who does you so damn well… is YOU.

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