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Today I embark on a deep 6 week multi-dimensional journey of self. I will be exploring depths of myself that I have not yet wanted to explore…

Truth is I have been scared.
I have been so afraid.
I haven’t felt ready.

But are we ever going to “feel ready” to face the most uncomfortable parts of ourselves that feel so ugly, challenging and terrifying?

I don’t believe we will.

But why now then? Why am I now choosing to face depths of myself that I have not wanted to previously explore?

The last 10 days of my life have brought me more growth than the last 100 days all together. I have experienced some incredible shifts and life changing breakthroughs. I have also experienced powerful alignment of my own soul which has led to a “direction change” in certain areas of my life.

Regardless of my movement into a positive direction I have felt extremely challenged.

I am sure we can all agree that transformation feels somewhat painful… And even that sounds a little sugar coated, don’t you think?

So please let me re-phrase:


(But thank goodness ‘hard’ is a feeling, not a fact).

When positive change happens growing pains are simply part of the journey.

I have learnt to honour that so much

I have also learnt to observe my own self as I evolve and transform. I have observed my mindset, emotions, responses, programming, resistance, sabotage and my shadows (refer to my blog from yesterday as an example of shadows).

I now choose to go even deeper with my own growth.
I choose to take time to explore my shadows, stripping away further layers of self, healing deeper parts of my being, opening my heart space, surrendering to receive and stepping into wholeness.

It isn’t until we choose to face our deepest and darkest parts of ourselves and do the deep inner work, that we can truly transcend into wholeness.

When your soul is committed to something greater than yourself it continues to guide you with clarity.
There is no room for doubt, procrastination and second guessing.

My soul is ready for further transformation. Because when I evolve, so do the people around me.

My soul has a purpose and it knows the way.

I listen.
I honour it.
I take aligned action.

Your soul has a purpose too.

Are you paying attention and following its guidance?

I have been guided into this 6 week long immersion while eliminating many external influences…. as I intentionally journey through a multi-dimensional adventure of SELF.

Do I feel ready?


But I will welcome & FEEL the fear and do it anyway.

It’s time to fasten the seat belt.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

Here’s to…


Linda x

Speaker | Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach

~ Always growing with you.

***Stay tuned for live stream on this topic later in the week***

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