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Dear Linda,

I know how excited you are to be here. And as you now start to grow up and get even more curious about exploring the world, there are a few things I’d like to prepare you for.

So from the 33 year old me, to the 3 year old me – Here are 11 important reminders that I’d like to share with you as you now start to explore and adventure.


Your prayers got heard and you got gifted this physical life. The fact that you are here is a miracle! Don’t ever forget to give thanks to your blessings. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and will play a BIG part in what you are capable of creating and attracting into your life. Learn to feel sincere gratitude in your heart space for everything that you already have, and everything that you don’t yet have. Appreciate the life that you chose, always.


Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are. You are you, and that is your earthly superpower. There is no-one like you and there is no certain way you should be or look, only yourself. Don’t ever worry about what other people think because you are here to have your own human experience, to live fully and to be happy. As are they. All humans will all be at different stages of exploring and learning, so there will be difference in opinion and perception from time to time. And this is ok, it’s beautiful. It’s full of contrast.

But don’t ever dim your light or tune down who you are just because someone has an opinion or doesn’t agree with you. Not everyone is going to agree or like you, regardless of you being yourself or wearing a fake mask. So you may as well squeeze every bit of juice out of this life by being you and feeling happy within yourself.


Be aware of the system, programming and social conditioning. This is a biggie and matters more than you can comprehend. Most people never understand this, therefore they die with their dance (art & purpose) still within them.
As you grow up you will automatically inherit beliefs, habits, a sense of right & wrong, definition of success, and an expectation on “how” you should live your life. You will be taught beliefs and ‘way of life’ by your parents and teachers.

For example – You will be taught a common principle of working 40+ hours a week, 48-50 weeks of the year, 40+ years of your life, and retire on 40% of your income! You will be pushed to go to uni (“because that’s just what smart & successful people do”). Please know that this isn’t wrong and never will be, as your parents & teachers continue to teach what they have been taught. Humans only know what they know, and don’t know what they don’t know!

But please challenge this fact also. Challenge this programming. Because I know that majority of the population are following this principle but majority are also feeling lost, hollow and empty! It’s nothing but human domestication. And that’s ok, it’s just what is happening and quite needed in many ways. All I ask is for you is to be aware of this, as I now continue on to my next point.


You have chosen your physical life, your purpose and your major life lessons before you even came out of your mums womb. As I said in my previous point – majority will die with their dance still within them. Majority never find and live their purpose because they are so caught up in the way of the system, and choose to ignore the feelings within them.

Your purpose is your gift, your birthright and your contract from above. It is the one thing that will give you impeccable amount of power, sense of flow and fulfilment. Those internal nudges will tell you exactly what to do and where to go. Your job is to listen and take aligned action.


Your outer world is a refection of your inner world. Absolutely everything that you see in your external reality is s reflection of your internal creation (conscious or unconscious). You will continue to create life either by default (programmed beliefs which I will talk about more later), or by intent.

Every human connection you attract and experience is also a refection of you. Everything starts with you. Therefore in order to make your life, relationships, friendship and bank account better, you must not forget to take responsibility and do the internal work on yourself. And don’t forget to fall in love with yourself – truly, madly and deeply.


Everything you will ever see, touch, smell, wear, experience etc – is made up. And I mean everything; religions, fashion, culture, traditions, airplanes, cars, houses, clothes, ceremonies, rules etc (this list could be as long as this blog itself).

Everything has been created from thought by a person who followed their truth. So rather than taking on and accepting everything “the way it is”, I want to encourage you to question this fact. I want to encourage you to challenge your inherited beliefs early, and find your own truth about life and different situations. So rather than looking outside of yourself, keep looking within.


To achieve and maintain ultimate sense of freedom, learn to love moments not things. Learn to adventure through this physical life without getting attached to people, job titles, qualifications, animals, things and what other people say. Don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t take things personally.

Remember that you are always whole, and do not need a thing or another person to make you whole. The moments that you get to experience with people and things, are the ones to fall in love with and be grateful for.


As you now continue on with your human experience you may at times get caught up between your head, your heart, your gut, your ego and your external programming.
Please acknowledge your inner knowing. Your intuition never lies. You will get moments of sudden feelings that cannot be explained with logic. Follow those feelings, and trust. They will never lead you astray. If something doesn’t feel right, it never is.
Don’t challenge that fact or it will lead to some learning and growth, which will feel quite uncomfortable.

However I do believe that you will at some point rebel against your inner knowing and as a result face some challenges, as I believe this is a common lesson for all humans.


Let me get one thing straight – Be prepared to feel pain, struggle, disappointment, discomfort, sadness, fear, nervousness and anxiousness from time to time. Sometimes less, sometimes more! The lessons you chose before you came to earth will present themselves as major challenges that will lead into powerful defining life moments.
But instead of asking ‘why’ when they happen, or thinking that life isn’t fair and you shouldn’t feel this way – choose to see it as feedback. It will shine a light on where you need to grow, learn, heal and pay attention.

Your pain will become the springboard that drives you into taking action to change. Your pain is your power. So embrace the learning and be grateful for your hardships, because this is also quite often when your soul purpose is revealed and formed.


Enjoying beautiful human and animal connection is beautiful. To receive love support from others is a beautiful expression, a true gift. But nothing is more powerful than you learning to be your own best friend and comfort yourself. To be there for you, and to pick yourself up if and when you fall.
Some of the most powerful breakthroughs happen when you choose to sit with an emotion/challenge and give yourself comfort. Be prepared for some life changing insight and connection to source!

But please do not take this as “I don’t need others, I can do it all myself”. No you can’t darling, humanity is meant to connect and collaborate with each other. Ask help when you need, and remember to communicate your feelings and your truth with others.


Just like being born is a gift, so is death. The problem is that majority of people live in a space of attachment of others and see death as a tragedy. Please know that there is a lot you should know about death.

First of all, every ending is a new beginning. And every soul is a free spirit and will CHOOSE when they feel it’s time for them to exit. It is not your job to press pause on life and grieve this loss for years and decades to follow. You will experience a sense and feeling of “loss” for sure when your loved ones exit, but please know that they want you to keep living and being happy!

Secondly, death is powerfully beautiful… it helps many people connect to their purpose. It gives a sense of awakening and puts people on the right path. But of course that will be a choice also, as many choose the opposite. I encourage you to grieve and heal when this takes place, but then keep moving forward. Holding yourself back and living in a constant state of sadness when your loved ones pass, is somewhat selfish. That means you are not honouring their decision to move on, but only concerned about your own feelings. One day you will also die, that’s a given. But don’t be fearful of it, overthink it or try and rush it.

Enjoy this life that YOU CHOSE. This same life won’t duplicate even though another one will later. This is your creation, so enjoy and be proud.

Ok my darling girl, the rest is for you to explore, experience, learn and see for yourself.

Live! Enjoy! And give to others!

Be nice to this planet & respect ALL living creatures.

Let your light shine and guide others out of darkness.

 You are light.

 You are love.

 You are ready.

Because the timing is ALWAYS right.

I love you my inner child.
And I always have your back.
Into the big exciting world you go!

I’ve got you xx

With love,
Linda – Your future self.


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