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When one thing leads to another…

Today I found out that to sleep in my ‘luxury tree house’ it would cost $1800 AUD / $1400 USD per night.
I already thought it was special that my journey has guided me to enjoy the blessings, vibration and views of one of Phuket’s most luxurious resorts. Since I discovered this place I have spent time here working and writing daily.
But what has made it even more special is that I just received a personal invite from the manager to join the hotels New Years Eve celebrations – ON THE HOUSE! FOR TWO! And I will be bringing a hot date… my mumma ❤️

I am so deeply humbled for the magic that is literally unfolding in front of my eyes. Even the manifestations that are showing up within less than a minute of me having a certain thought. (Sounds surreal? It sure feels that way too!). All that began from surrendering and listening to the desires of my heart…

I have had some of the most powerful shifts here in Thailand. This trip has allowed me to spend a lot of time with self and connect even deeper within my truths and desires. Abundance is available for us all. The state and frequency is accessible for us all.

Abundance is not just about money as I am certain many may think. It is about FLOW in all areas of life. When EVERYTHING just works out with ease and grace. When all of our prayers get heard and answered. When our conscious manifestations and desires turn real with time little to none.

Mum has still not quite been able to comprehend how this and other events of mine here have happened.

Here’s the thing –

These events haven’t ‘just happened’.
I consciously shifted my state and opened the flood gates to abundance. And you absolutely can too.

Here are some of my favourite abundance statements that I focus on regularly (that I now believe, embody and live) – and that I was declaring out loud as a mantra on my way to the treehouse before invited to join the resort for New Years:

– Abundance flows into my life with ease & grace.
– I am so grateful that abundance flows to me and through me in all shapes, forms & ways.
– I am a magnet for magic & miracles.
– The Universe always provides for me.
– I always get upgraded for free at hotels, restaurants, flights and events.
– I always receive 5 star service everywhere I go.
– I always receive what I desire.
– Everything always works out for me.
– I experience flowing abundance in all areas of my life.
– I am abundance.


PS – ‘I AM’ statements do not work unless you truly believe them and embody the frequency to receive them. And of course – SURRENDERING TO RECEIVE.

I can’t wait until next week to share this with you like I had planned… my heart desires to share with you now so of course I listen! ❤️

My 14 day program #ManifestingYourHeartsDesires starts on Monday 8th of January! Comment below with ‘I AM ABUNDANCE’ to be the first one to receive the full details for this on Monday!

I can’t wait for you to feel and experience the magic and flowing abundance that is SO available to you! 😍

Cheers to a more abundant 2018!

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,

Linda xx

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