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Normal should be a swimming pool straight out of the ensuite (perhaps?)
Normal should be waking up and naturally being grateful for life.
Normal should be booking trips and buying whatever you desire – without checking if you can afford it.
Normal should be saying YES without fear of judgement from others.
Normal should be self-love & respect, and putting yourself first.
Normal should be following your soul and honouring your truth.
Normal should be to have freedom to do whatever your heart desires, anytime, anywhere.

However what ‘normal’ looks like to many is fear, pain, struggle, resistance, obligation and financial hardship.
‘Normal’ to many is sitting in peak hour traffic every single day, only to get to the job that pays for the car we drive to work in, and to pay for the house we leave empty all day.
‘Normal’ to many is to be drowning in debt and having anxiety where the next money will come from.
‘Normal’ to many is taking 2-4 weeks holiday each year (some haven’t taken time off for years).
‘Normal’ to many is staying in a relationship that does not serve them.
‘Normal’ to many is living the same day over and over again.

This is ludicrous.

At what point did we allow this to happen?
At what point did we make it ok to struggle and suffer?
At what point did we settle for hardship and low worth for self and life?

My ‘daily normal’ today looks very different to what it did years ago, even 3 weeks ago.


Because I chose a new reality.
I chose it with belief and certainly.
I allowed my inner little girl to dream like she always used to.

I stripped bare from the constructs of how I have been taught to live my life.
I handed back all expectations of what society had put upon me.
I divorced the collective story of struggle, suffering and hardship.

I started to write my own story of love, joy and abundance.
I decided that I was worthy and started to love myself and put me first.
I created a new belief that I could have anything my heart desires.

And so it is.

So many of us feel like we just ‘fell into this life’.
We feel like we just ‘fell into this ‘
daily normal’.
We ‘fell into this job or relationship’.

Then we ask “How did I end up here?”

Truth is…

We chose this current daily normal.
We chose to say yes to things that did not feel good and serve our soul.
We chose to keep holding ourselves back from what and who we could be.


Every little decision that we have made in life has led us to where we are today.


So what if you started making different choices?

What if you started choosing –


And what if…
You just gave yourself permission to say… YES?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a new, completely different daily normal?

Let this be a reminder that…

If you are feeling lost in regards to ‘the how’ to create that, I have 2 options that we may discuss:

A. Discovering your purpose and creating a life where you are doing your soul work every single day, and serving the people you were born to serve. Turning your pain into power and making your passion your pay check.

B. An automated business platform that allows you to only do 10% of traditional ‘work’ in business. An online platform that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and get paid in your sleep. A business that allows you to create fast cashflow (if you choose).

I am living proof that both of the above is possible. And now my soul is on fire to help you free yourself from your daily normal that clearly does not serve or fulfil you.

Comment below either #A or #B so that we can connect for an open and honest conversation about what the next steps for you may be.

Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to squeeze every single bit of juice out of this life and make that your new daily normal?

Love you so much!
With every fibre in my being!

Let’s do this ❤️

Linda x

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