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My soul simply wanted to stop by,
To give you a gentle reminder on the sly.
It’s time to take your dreams off standby,
And finally start painting your own starry sky.

I ask you to look yourself deeply in the left eye,
Be patiently with self and wait for a reply.
Take your time and promise you will at least try,
It’s ok if the tears come and you begin to cry.

You were born with a dream so don’t be shy,
Stop holding yourself back and prepare to fly.
The past doesn’t matter so no more asking why,
What matters is NOW so take a deep breath after your sigh.

Even when you think your tank is dry,
Please know there is an infinite love supply.
It’s your time to soar and rise up high,
Your vision is yours and something money can’t buy.

Anything that no longer serves you shall now die,
You have held on for too long and it’s time to say goodbye.
Trust that the Universe always has your back dear butterfly,
Surrender and your wishes shall be granted by next July…


Linda x

Speaker | Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach

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