Meet Linda Doktar...

Linda is a Speaker, Writer, Healer, Self-Transformation Specialist and Success Coach who mentors people across all areas of life.  She is an expert in helping people connect to the origin of all life creation – Thy SELF.  She has extensive knowledge in advanced success mindset, emotional intelligence, NLP, holistic wellness, mindfulness, healing from trauma, shifting mental & energetic blocks – only to mention a few. 

Linda is a conscious multi-passionate Thought Leader who is committed to educating and empowering humanity to awaken and to thrive.  Her work is truly Life & Soul transformative and will assist you in becoming the grandest version Self in all areas of your life.  Whether your goal is to transform your business, bank account, body or relationships – it all begins from within.  Are you ready to take the journey?

Meet Linda Doktar

My Story

Just like you, I have also experienced some struggles and hardships in my journey.  I have been disconnected from Self and suffered deeply in silence.  My journey has led me through abusive relationships, a heavy drug addiction, and severe depression, losing a parent, an eating disorder, deep financial hardship and homelessness.  I have felt soul-wrenching shame, guilt and self-hatred, and truly mastered the loathing of self-destruction.

After playing the victim of life I made a conscious decision to turn my Pain into Power and commenced a journey of becoming the grandest version of Self.  My mess became my message and my mission, and I am now deeply committed to being of service to others and helping you live a conscious life of purpose, freedom and fulfillment.

Life is too short to be stuck in an old story that does not serve you.  I owned my story…  Will you be next to own yours and start thriving in Life, Self, Business and Relationships?

The Success Coach & Intuitive Mentor

Linda is a conscious and connected coach who is dedicated to her soul work, clients and community.  Her powerful healing techniques and transformation tools are guaranteed to guide you into your own personal breakthrough.  Linda will help you become your own teacher in life so that you can continue to grow through your life experiences.  She is passionate about helping you awaken, transform and thrive.  Whether your goal is to improve your mindset, emotional state, business, bank account or relationships – the conscious journey of growth always begins with Self.

The Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Linda cultivates a holistic approach to wellness and her teachings stem from a Mind-Body-Soul model of health.  She brings conscious self-education and a deep sense of spirituality into her work.  Linda is an experienced Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher who includes various mindfulness practices in her transformative teachings.  Her extensive background as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor expands her wisdom and guidance into health & body transformations.

The Messenger

Linda is passionate about expressing her souls work, story & message through speaking and writing.  She connects to her audience in a heartfelt relatable manner, and takes her readers and listeners on a deep journey of self-reflection and introspection.  Linda’s thought provoking messaging will inspire you to connect within and create positive change in your own life.  Become educated, empowered and enlightened in relation to your own alchemy of Life and Self.

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