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The longest journey you will ever take is the one deep inside your own soul…

The world is full of dating apps.

We are conditioned for scarcity – even when it comes to sex, relationships and human connection.

We are conditioned to SEEK because we are unable to trust in magic.
We are unable to surrender to receive because we don’t trust that everything will work out.

We seek for external validation and fulfilment.
We seek for things to make us feel good and make us feel whole.
We seek for attention.
We forcefully seek pleasure.

For what purpose?

Many of us seem to have forgotten that we already are whole.

Many of us have forgotten that we are worthy as we are and that we are powerful divine creators.

Many of us live in ‘lack’ and we are scared of ending up ‘alone’.

So we continue to seek.

We also continue to settle.

Because we are afraid of walking this path alone.

There is also immense pressure to ‘meet and mate’.

Pressure from family.
Pressure from society.
Pressure from friends.
Even pressure from complete strangers.

“Why are you still single?”
“You should look for someone now or your time will run out”
“Surely a woman/man like you can’t be single”

I have been observing the world and also observing my own self and my conditioning.

I have observed my own responses and internal reactions when being the target of comments and questions like the ones above.

At times I have felt lonely and sad for not currently walking this path with a beloved.

I also know that this stems from my conditioning and programming.

It also somewhat stems from me not fully yet owning certain parts of myself and fully showing these parts unconditional love.

So today I broke down.

I cried while driving my scooter.
I kept driving without a destination.
And the tears just kept streaming down my face.

I just wanted to be held.
I just wanted to be seen.
I just wanted to be heard.

In that moment I desired an external comforting hug.
And in that moment I also got reminded of parts where I haven’t fully held myself.

From pain into deep gratitude for being shown my shadows.

Deep gratitude for this reminder of a conscious relationship with myself.

Deep gratitude for being guided into a deeper sacred union and inner marriage with myself.

Deep gratitude for being guided back into wholeness.

There is no other human that can complete an already whole being.

All we have and need already exists within us.

When we seek externally for completion we will never “get there”.

We will never attract a healthy relationship that reflects our conscious desires.

We will however attract a partner or a beloved that reflects who we are.

Unhealed wounds will be reflected and brought to the surface.

We will be reminded of the parts of Self that we have not fully owned or loved. And this may not feel like a casual stroll in the park. This will feel challenging. This will be deeply triggering.

Only once we have mastered an authentic sacred union with Self can we attract an authentic sacred union with a beloved.

The soul mate that you seek is within you.

Hold space for your inner beloved.

See, hear, honour, love and respect him or her. Be present with this. Trust in this process.

Externally manufactured experiences will never beat the magic of the Universe.

Could you trust in abundance?
Could you trust in your journey?
Could you trust in surrender and knowing that everything will come to you in divine timing?

Short or long term experiences.

For a reason, season or a lifetime.

For a good time, fun time, cheeky time or long term ‘serious time’.


Make peace with your inner man / woman.

Take ownership of your own being and responsibility to nurture your own connection with your sacred Self.

Trust in magic and allow the Universe to deliver to you.

Open up to RECEIVE from a space of WHOLENESS.

You are an infinite empowered being and creator. (If you choose to be).

Always an honour to remind you…

Linda xx

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