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Back in the day I was always chasing the best deal.
I was chasing the cheapest price and the best bargain.

And that’s all I was doing.


I was living in scarcity.

Everything had to do with how much money I could save.
How little I could spend and how much I could keep to myself.

I was always looking out for the best deal.

Coupons were my best friend.
I had subscribed to rewards programs.
My wallet was overflowing with discount vouchers and members cards.

5% off the price was a win for me.
10% off the price felt like Christmas.
20% off the price was like winning lotto.

So quite often I bought in bulk to ‘save money’ long term (but really, I was in fact spending more money on things I didn’t need in the now).

I made all my decisions based on price.

Buying clothes.
Even investing into personal development.

And of course with a cheap price came cheap service.

I always seemed to have something to complain about.

This was an ongoing pattern.

But gosh, as long as I was getting a bargain I was winning!

Or was I?

Well so I thought back then.

But here’s the thing gorgeous,


Scarcity and abundance cannot live in the same place at the same time.

Just like you cannot go left and right at the same time, you have to choose one direction.

Even a year ago when I was in Bali or Thailand I would still argue for the best deal and best price. I would walk away from a street shop over $5. There is no way I was going to pay $15 for a shirt that I knew I could have for $10. I never tipped more than 20 or 50 cents, if anything at all.

Back then my financial reality was very different to what I hold in my life today.
Back then I was operating from a scarcity mindset and energetic state, and of course my bank account reflected that also.

Today I live in abundance by choice.

I give freely.
I live abundantly.
I choose abundant thoughts.
I choose an abundant energetic state.

I don’t look for the best deal or the best price.
I look for alignment, convenience and things that set my soul on fire.

I did the deep inner work to transform scarcity into abundance.
I changed my internal financial blueprint.
I healed my energetic giving and receiving cycle.

And because of the work that I did on the inside I also experienced different outcomes on the outside.

Today I receive more ‘free things’, upgrades, first class service, lunches/dinners/drinks paid for than ever before. This happens because I now live in a state of abundance and I am open to receiving.

I have stopped bargaining blood, sweat and tears for things I buy in Bali and other third world countries.
I now tip every human, shop, restaurant, and cafe in Bali. I sometimes pay double price for a service because I simply feel like tipping the servant as much as the service cost in the first place. A few days ago I tipped my regular Bali masseur 1 million rupiah as a thank you for looking after me. This is almost as much as their monthly base salary.

I keep going back where I receive first class service.
I keep throwing my money at people and places who make me feel like a goddess and a queen.

Now, when I see coaches, mentors and event/workshop organisers sell their products and services for peanuts, my instant thought is –

Why are they not valuing themselves and their work?

I recognise scarcity, ‘lack’, fear, doubt, low self-worth and uncertainty miles away. I can sense this energy without even having to physically speak to a person.

And I love that I have the ability to assist in the transformation of these types of states and mindsets.
I am so damn passionate about my work.
It is nothing short of life transformative!
I know that. And my clients know that.

But in order for me to now do the type of work that I do, I had to once be on the other side of the spectrum. I had to come from a space of pain, lack, scarcity, fear, doubt, struggle and suffering. I had to feel and experience what it was like to operate from this space, so that I could serve and help others shift this.

Today I am energetically more abundant than ever before. And the more I master my inner state of abundance, the more money, Magic, miracles, free things, upgrades and pleasant surprises I receive.

Did you know we live in such a MAGICAL world?

There is so much magic, love, miracles and juicy bounty for us to explore, experience and receive. Everything is available to us, EVERYTHING!

It is not the universes fault that your circumstances are not ideal.
It is not your parents, friends, ex-partners, kids, environments fault that your circumstances are not ideal.

No-one else is to blame, but YOU.


YOU are the creator and therefore in full control of what you continue to create more of.

What have you been creating thus far?

Your ongoing patterns and the state of your bank account will tell you exactly what you have been creating.

Isn’t awareness wonderful?
Without awareness we cannot change.

Sending you an abundance of blessings.

Linda x

Thank you for reading my messages from my soul. It is an honour to help you Awaken Awareness to yourSELF so that you can start thriving in Life, Business & Relationships.

~ In order to remember who you are you must first let go of who you ARE NOT ~

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