What would it mean to you to stand out from the rest in your industry?
To have higher staff retention, productivity & performance?
For your customer service to represent higher excellence above the rest?
For you and your staff to be happy, healthy & love every moment of working for you & your organisation?

To be different is to do things differently.

Most corporations focus solely on external results. The problem with this is the lack of fundamental inner operating systems and consistency in results & staff productivity/retention. Long-lasting Success stems from inner wellbeing (both thy Self & thy Company). It is built from the inside out within the mind, body, spirit, energy & staff wellbeing. Once inner alignment is achieved within an individual or corporation – results become solid, rapid & consistent.

7 Challenges of the Corporate & Wellness Industry

  • Poor staff productivity & staff retention.
  • Operating from underlying burnout > compromised health & energy.
  • Unhappy, unhealthy & stressed staff > customers & business impacted.
  • 1 in 4 people suffer from depression and/or mental health disturbances.
  • Staff/clients/members suffering in silence, afraid to ask for help.
  • Increased time off due to sickness & health problems.
  • Wellness/Service based clients lacking long-term results & transformation.

Solutions – How I can Help?

  • Development of in-house mental-health & stress-management plans
  • Success mindset education, workshops & programs
  • Wellness (mind-body-energy) specific plans for increased staff productivity
  • Expert education on long-lasting peak-performance & staff motivation
  • Mindfulness programs to benefit both staff & customers (stand out from the rest)
  • Corporate Yoga facilitation & mindfulness support
  • Consulting for improved staff retention & workplace culture
  • Development of wellness programs for long-lasting client/patient success
  • Holistic wellness (mind-body-energy) specific plans for long lasting client transformation
  • Success mindset & mindfulness education, workshops & programs
  • Client care plans – Stand out from the rest in your industry!
  • Success mindset & mindfulness education, workshops & programs
  • Development of wellness programs for long-lasting client/member transformation
  • Education on integrated health & wellness (beyond nutrition & exercise)
  • Client/member care plans for improved customer experience & retention – Stand out from the rest in your industry!

When you create change from the inside out create long-lasting results & stand out from the rest.

Happy Staff = Happy Clients = Happy Business

Hi, I’m Linda!

I’m a Success Coach, Facilitator & Corporate Mindset/Wellness Consultant. I have a passion for helping individuals thrive and organisations stand out from the rest.

I have worked with several large companies & corporations in delivering transformational education on success mindset, wellness, stress-management, mental-health, peak-performance + more.

I specialise in Success Mindset, Psychology & Human Behaviour for long-lasting happiness & success, and I have successfully helped thousands of people become a happier, healthier & more productive Self with a true zest for Life.

My extensive experience in my Coaching Career, in the corporate field & in the Fitness Industry allows me to understand the fundamentals of long-lasting success in my field, and the development of specific plans so that you & your piers can thrive and stand out from the rest.

I am looking forward to supporting your success & helping your staff and your business THIRVE!

Experience & Expertise

  • Success & Mindset Coach – 6 years
  • Professional Public Speaking Australia wide for audiences up to 600.
  • Online Business Growth Mentor + Social Media expansion & monetisation
  • Servicing large corporations such as QLD Police, ARUP, AFL QLD in delivering wellness / stress-management / mental-health / success mindset & peak-performance workshops/programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge within the Corporate Industry & the Fitness Industry.
  • Trainer & Workshop Facilitator (retreats, events, workshops, programs, courses, seminars).
  • Thousands of people positively impacted within wellness, mindset, business & personal growth.
  • Yoga Teacher – 8 years (also serving corporate sector)
  • Group Fitness Instructor – 15 years
  • Personal Trainer – 7 years
  • Former Corporate Employment – 4 years
  • Former World-level Professional Athlete (10m Platform Diving)
  • Extensive knowledge within Mindset, Psychology, Human Behaviour, Peak-Performance, Energy, Emotional Alchemy, Mental-Health, Addictions, Stress-Management, Nervous System Regulation, Meditation, Self-healing + more.

Existing Starter Programs/Services – Corporate

Workshops, Seminars & Educational Talks –
Success Mindset / Wellness / Stress Management / Mental Health / Staff Retention & Productivity

Transformational 4-week Program
Learn & apply the 4 Pillars of Long-Lasting Transformation & Personal Success:


  • Long-lasting transformation, wellbeing, happiness & personal success
  • Stability and peace within mind, body, energy & emotions
  • Knowledge how to manage & transmute dense emotions
  • Improved mindset & mental health for long lasting happiness & success
  • Increased energy, productivity & peak performance
  • Increased happiness, joy & zest for life
  • Increased clarity, confidence & inner harmony
  • Personal Success & Self-care plan for continuous wellbeing
  • Deeper understanding of Self & Tools to support ongoing growth
  • Happier, healthier & better functioning personal blueprint

Or send an inquiry for development of an in-house plan
specific to your business & industry!

You didn’t come here to be like everyone else.
You came here to make a difference & stand out from the rest!