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I don’t think I have ever given you the time and space to get to know me better… To get to know ALL parts of me.

The good, the challenging, the funny, the mind changing, the 100% human…

So I wanted to take this opportunity and give you a little insight 😉

Ok, here we go!


Sometimes I eat chocolate for breakfast.

Sometimes I fast for 3 days straight.

Sometimes I’m vegan.

Sometimes I eat dairy and regret my choices.

Sometimes I wake up at 5am ready to take on the world.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered getting out of bed at all.

Sometimes I cry because I am so frustrated with myself and my triggers.

Sometimes I bawl my eyes out from deep sincere soul-awakening gratitude for what I have created.

Sometimes I punch pillows to release my negative emotions.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered with my inner conflict and choose peanut butter instead.

Sometimes I love nothing more than spending time with people.

Sometimes I can’t think of anything worse than being around other humans.

Sometimes I want to become my own version of Oprah and speak on stages in front of thousands of people.

Sometimes I want to throw my phone in the river and move into a treehouse and never speak to anyone ever again.

Sometimes I love being free and travelling the world.

Sometimes I become allergic to airplanes and want nothing more than my own home.

Sometimes I drink plant medicine to expand my consciousness.

Sometimes I have frog poison applied on my burnt skin to help me detox from old patterns and blockages.

Sometimes I feel like the sexiest and most powerful goddess in the universe.

Sometimes I feel like an ugly duckling and want to hide under a rock.

Sometimes I coach high level clients into their breakthroughs.

Sometimes I have teenage tantrums and act like a child.

Sometimes I’m the loudest person in a crowd.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered speaking at all.

Sometimes I’m a lean size 8 with an athletic figure.

Sometimes I’m a curvy size 12 with boobs so big they are bursting out of my bra.

Sometimes I’m led by the direction of my inner masculine.

Sometimes I’m seduced by the flow of my inner feminine.

Sometimes I’m a good girl.

Sometimes I’m a very naughty girl.

Sometimes I want to meet my king and live monogamously happily ever after.

Sometimes I want to keep exploring connections with multiple men at once.

Sometimes I’m in bed before 9pm.

Sometimes I’m working past midnight.

Sometimes I’m feeling empowered in my being.

Sometimes I feel completely hopeless.

Sometimes I’m a unicorn.

Sometimes I’m totally human.


(Apart from my life never being boring)

  • I have fallen in love with my own soul.

Regardless of who I am and what I sometimes choose, I have found such deep love for this human journey and learnt to honour ALL parts of me.

There is no ‘right or wrong’ way of living, as long as we live for OURSELVES.

And one thing I know for sure is that even though my life is full of “sometimes”, there is one thing that is ALWAYS.

And that is –


I’d love to hear…

What is your one thing that is your ALWAYS? Feel free to respond to this email 🙂

Big Love,
Linda x

The human in me sees the human in you

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