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Today while out on the JetSki watching whales breaking through the ocean, I said to my amazing fellow human –

“Let’s both pray for a miracle today. Let’s combine our manifestation powers and believe that we see a miracle today”

When the JetSki clock turned 11:11am
TO BE PRECISE, we were surrounded by a tribe of 10-15 dolphins that danced around our JetSki!

In that moment time stopped.
It felt like sound stopped.
It felt like the world stopped spinning.

Our prayers were answered.
Our wishes were granted.
Our faith turned from invisible, to visible.


You can either live your life believing –

1. Nothing is a miracle.
2. Miracles are rare to be seen.
3. Everything is a miracle.

I have transitioned through them all.
I have believed in them all.
I have lived them all.

And having believed, lived and transitioned through them all – guess which one was true?


The day I started to believe I was surrounded by miracles every single day, was the exact day that I started noticing them!

The beauty of life is that we have the freedom to believe in whatever we like.

But we MUST understand that whatever we choose to believe in, is REAL for us.


So –

Are you current beliefs serving you?
Are you happy with the RESULTS of you current belief system?

By now your inner voice should say YES or NO.
But you might be full of question marks too, because no-one has ever asked you that.

Here’s a few more:

Have you ever wondered where your beliefs came from?
Have you ever wondered at what point you learned your current beliefs?
Have you ever wondered who taught you what you believe in today?

More importantly –

Did you choose to form your own beliefs based on your truth or did you inherit other people’s beliefs along the way?

I know what many of you are thinking right now…

“Holy shit! Are my beliefs even mine”?
“What do I actually believe in”?
“Is what I believe today my own or taught by society”?


I can hear your mind ticking from here.

But as I’ve said before…
My purpose has led me to stir your soul.

So here I am.
Cracking you open.
Peeling off your layers.

Bit by bit.
Piece by piece.
Layer by layer….

Are you feeling naked yet?
A little bare?
A little overwhelmed?

The more you crack yourself open the more you can see inside of your own soul.

Today my fellow human and I got blessed with miracles.
Our souls got richer with more adventures and memories.
Our heart spaces got filled with universal love.

Alone we are only a drop,
But together we are the entire ocean.

You and I (yes you reading this)
We are connected too.
We are connected just like the rest of the world.

And don’t ever forget that your prayers (your thoughts, beliefs & intentions) shall be answered.
The Universe is always listening.

So darling,
Stop and look.
Miracles are everywhere.

Still can’t see them?

ASK and you shall RECEIVE.
With unshakable belief.

Turn Your Pain Into Power and let’s start believing in miracles.
They are real.
They are here.
They are reading this very blog, now.

Love you!
Gorgeous miracle!

Linda x

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