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Do you suffer from a roller coaster of emotions?

Congratulations, you are human!

Feelings are meant to be felt.

In this paradigm we get taught that feeling negative emotion is “bad”.

Men are taught that sadness and tears equal weakness, and anger is made ‘wrong’.

Women are labelled as “too emotional”.

We then start to numb, distract and escape these emotions – which in turn results in energetic blockages in the body.

We then continue to operate from a disempowering pattern that is hindering us from moving forward. This plays a big part in life creation.

It is not your fault that you don’t know how else to manage your emotions apart from numbing and distracting them with addiction type behaviours.

You just didn’t get taught true emotional health and how to BE a human BEing.

You didn’t get taught how to create a safe container for moving emotions out of the body, and how to hold space for your children as they begin to explore the ‘emotion body’ of being human.

All of us (most of us..) have been taught to

“Be quiet”
“Stop crying”
“Don’t be angry”
“Stop acting crazy”

We got pushed into a corner.
We got taught to suppress ourselves.

Perhaps you also got described pills to numb your emotions?
– I certainly did.

I became numb.

I didn’t feel sadness, nor did I feel happiness.

EMBODIMENT and our ability to RECEIVE from FLOW stems from our state of BEing.

Week 3 of my 6 week program #Expansion has begun. In the last week we have delved into emotional mastery and also how to clear space in our being so that we can begin to receive from ease & flow.
We looked at an emotion clearing process of how to shift negative emotion out of the body (photo in this email).

Soon we will dive into more of Quantum Physics, embodied manifestation, connecting to our soul work, and also changing our blueprint within our Self, finances, relationships and much more….

Did you miss out of the first round?

Do you want to be the first to know about Round 2?

The hustle without forward movement is dead.

The new paradigm is filled with embodied individuals who don’t project – but shine their divine light into this world and receive all of their creations with EASE and FLOW. In the process they also create greater impact and also help others step into greatness by just BEing who they are.

Blessings on your soul journey in HUMAN form.

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