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If you have been following me on social media for a while you’d also know that I hardly ever swear on SM, but today I will. Because today it feels in total alignment with my message. And I have learnt many valuable things about life, ALIGNMENT being a major one.

If you are triggered by swearing then turn away now… or you can keep reading too.
Do whatever you want. You are a human being with complete freedom of choice.


Shall we proceed?


Some people call them ‘Defining Life Moments’, but I’m going to call it a


Can you think of one?

You got some shocking news?
Something huge happened to you / someone else?
Something major went down to shake you & wake you?

A sudden event was formed in your life, or maybe it was a long term event that suddenly got you to throw your hands in the air and say F**K THIS SH*T!!

And I don’t mean “FTS, I’m done with life and will now be the victim of my circumstances”

I mean,
for example –

FTS, enough is enough!
FTS, I’m done playing small!
FTS, I’m done bathing in my pain!
FTS, I’m done holding myself back!
FTS, I’m going to change the world!
FTS, I’m done not living my dreams!
FTS, I’m done sabotaging my success!
FTS, I’m done with making BS excuses!

A sudden moment that literally changed your whole attitude, focus, vision, mission, energy, state, level of consciousness and outlook on the whole world.

It was an sudden, easy, flow based decision that you made to change your entire life in an INSTANT.

Like something or someone had given you a push “from the other side”.

Like a wave of clarity & strength took over your being and caused you to act.

I want to give you some insight.

I have had several FTS moments in my life.

One was in high school when my family, friends & teachers tried to push me to go to uni, when I knew there was more to life than following a system and doing what everyone else did.

I said – FTS, I’m moving to Australia and making my own way in this world! So I did.

One was when I worked a 9-5 in recruitment (more like 7:30-5:30), knowing that I wasn’t doing what my soul really wanted to do.

I said – FTS, I quit so I can start making money doing what I love! So I did.

One was when I was a PT and was trading time for money, and always ended up broke when I got sick or went on holidays. Because if I didn’t work I didn’t get paid.

I said – FTS, I’m making money work for me and building residual income! So I did.

One was at rock bottom of my own dark self-destruction – battling a drug addiction, eating disorder, victim of domestic violence and being homeless – all at once.

I said – FTS, one day I will be sharing my story and helping other people with their pain! So I did.

One was when I lost my dad to cancer 4 years ago.

I said – FTS, I’m going to make my dad proud and make a huge difference in this world! So I did.

One was a year ago when my little brother went to jail for trafficking drugs amongst a whole load of other things.

I said – FTS, I’m going to discover my real truth, values and life purpose. And I am going to be the best daughter to my mum and reconnect with her properly, after living in different countries for 12 years. So I did.

You think I’m done?

Not quite.

My first day of being 33 brought me a huge F**K THIS SH*T MOMENT.
A defining moment while sick & bedridden, that I will remember for the rest of my life. That moment I will also share with you later – all in divine timing.

It was moment that took me into painful, fearful tears of horror.

But the moment that followed gave me clarity.
It gave me wisdom.
It gave me purpose.
It gave me strength.
It gave me direction.
It gave me understanding.
It gave me access to a higher level of consciousness.
It gave me instant power, energy, drive and laser sharp focus.
It gave me superpowers that I didn’t think I had within me.

I said –

FTS, who am I NOT TO give my all, when I have been hiding and only giving 20%!
FTS, who am I NOT TO be well known for my transformational healing work!
FTS, who am I NOT TO change as many lives as I possibly can, for as long as I breathe!
FTS, who am I NOT TO make millions and impact millions!
FTS, who am I NOT TO leave a lasting legacy behind, that is grateful for my existence!

And you know what else?

It taught me to love the good and the bad at a much deeper level.
It gave me permission to love with my entire being –

With no attachment.
With no conditions.
With no expectations.

It also taught me to embrace and embody acceptance at a whole new level.

This all happened yesterday.

I move fast.
I process things fast.
I turn my pain into power fast!

And I’m a coach who will continue to be raw and real with you.
I’m a coach who is committed to showing up for YOU, no matter what I go through in life.
I’m a coach who is committed embodying and living my own message.
I’m a coach who will let you in on my own personal journey and show you HOW I continue to Turn my own Pain Into Power.

I recently asked my tribe / community what “Turning Pain into power” meant to them. And if there was a box called “PAIN”, what they would put in there?

Some of them said some heavy things.
Some of them pointed their finger at some simple things that may and WILL continue to show up in life.

And here’s the thing,

No matter how evolved you are –
No matter how connected you are –
No matter how conscious or awake you are –
No matter how successful you are –
No matter how happy & positive you are –
No matter how abundant you are –
No matter how “I’ve got my sh*t together” you are –

There will be sadness.
There will be resistance.
There will be hiccoughs.
There will be frustrations.
There will be growing pains.
There will be disappointments.
There will be much more yuck than that!

This is called LIFE that you’re living.
You’re having a HUMAN experience!

And in this physical life everything has an opposite.

Every light has dark.
Every right has a left.
Every up has a down.
Every positive has a negative.
Every ending is a new beginning.
And the opposite to sunlight is a shadow, right?

So in order for you to even comprehend all of the goodness, the bounty, the joy, the happy, the pleasure, the elixir of life –

You must have an understanding of the opposite too.

Pain is something that will occur in different shapes & forms from time to time, for the rest of your life.

So let me clarify for you –


Just because you may have healed a painful experience once, doesn’t mean that you won’t go through pain again.

I want to confess –

I got on my high horse a little wile back.
I thought “now that I have my sh*t together” and “now that I’ve turned my major life pain into power”, I’ve got it all figured out. Pain can’t touch me. I’m invincible. (Lol)


That was my spiritual ego getting a wild bashing.



When it’s time to grow…
When it’s time for soul transformation…

Pain is part of the process.
It gets you moving.
But it can also trick you into the victim.

So how will you respond when unexpected, somewhat painful events occur in your life?

Do you stop doing your daily do, skip work, stop responding to calls & messages, drown yourself into a bottle of wine or ice cream bucket, and hide under your doona and say FTS!

Or do you say –

Ultimately the choice is yours.

By the way –

It’s ok to choose the first option for a day or two. You are human after all and you need time to process.

But it’s not ok to keep bathing in your pain, numbing your life, hiding from the world and saying “poor me”.

Stop that victim BS!
You are wasting your life!

So darling girl… darling boy…
Today I came to you with some raw & real slaps of truth.

I just spent the last 24hrs off social media, sick under the doona, processing some news and integrating this FTS moment.

Now I am back on my feet.
Standing in my truth and my power more than ever before.
More committed to showing up.
More committed to staying in alignment.
More committed to changing this world.
More committed to expanding my message to the masses.
More committed to my purpose & mission.
More committed to something greater than myself!

So… F**K THIS SH*T with every cell in my body!

Because I feel like I haven’t even started what I truly am capable of.

Today I stopped by to stir your soul.

But will unicorns, fairies and rainbows get you off your butt?

Didn’t think so.

Turn Your Pain Into Power
Life starts… NOW!

I see you.
I love you.

Yours in life & soul transformation,
❤️ Linda


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