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Conscious growth & healing is not a glamorous process. It’s not just yoga, magic, buddha bowls and positive vibes.

Conscious growth & healing is deep, dark, uncomfortable and can feel really ugly. It’s about peeling back the layers and facing painful experiences from the past. It’s about stripping down to nothing – facing the most raw, vulnerable and real parts of ourselves. The parts that feel so ugly that numbing and denying is almost the number 1 option every time.

Another bandaid.
When the old one comes off,
Your wounds are revealed again.
But you just put on a new bandaid.
The same old quick fix that you’ve turned to for years.
The same old behaviour you’ve turned to for most of your human existence.

How is it working out for you?

And sometimes things happen to shake you, and in the process the bandaid is forcefully ripped off for you.
And you know the sticky part of the bandaid?
The part that is meant to be stuck onto unwounded skin.
For some reason that part of the bandaid always glues onto your wound.
And when it’s being ripped off it pulls half of your scab with it.
It re-opens the wound!


And this will continue to happen until you choose to stop patching up your wounds with a quick fix.

But how long are you going to keep lying to yourself?
How long are you going to keep pretending it’s not there?
How long are you going to keep denying what is trying to surface?

You can’t hide from your inner sh*t.

You can’t sell it.
You can’t auction it.
You can’t throw it away.
You can’t lend it to someone.

It’s YOUR sh*t and you are stuck with it gorgeous!

I know you are probably already resenting this message just as much as you resent facing your inner stuff.

But I’m not here to feed you fairy floss.

I’m a messenger of truth.

I am here to help you help yourself.
My purpose is to guide you so that you can turn your pain into power and move forward in life.
But unless you do the work and start facing your inner mess,
nothing will change…

Those bandaids.
Those same patterns.
Those sleepless nights.
Those feelings of anxiety.
Those painful moments on replay.


I know what that feels like.
And I also know what facing inner crap feels like.


But only one option moves you forward.
Only one option helps you grow and evolve.
Only one option helps you breakthrough your patterns.
Only one option helps you discover your undeniable truth that will guide you for the rest of your life.

But which type of pain do you choose?
What type of outcome do you want?
What type of life do you want to live?

As we choose to consciously grow and heal, growing pains are part of the process. This is the exact process that helps you Turn Your Pain Into Power.

But putting on bandaid after bandaid reflects nothing else but giving your power away.

I see you.
I see what’s under your bandaid.

The choice is yours gorgeous.

With love & truth,
Linda x


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