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Today another dream came true.

When I got given the news earlier I broke down in instant tears. I was so filled up with emotion that I shed tears for almost 30min straight.

Tears of gratitude.

Tears of happiness.

Tears of excitement.

A few weeks ago I attended a 5 day speaking & presenting retreat here in Bali.

At the retreat we knew one person was going to be hand picked to be personally mentored and put on a stage internationally in 2019.

Today I got given the news of being chosen for this scholarship!

It was a dream come true. Again.

For so many years in my journey I kept comparing myself to others.

I had such a burning desire to succeed.

I got envious of others.

I got jealous of other people’s success.

I thought everyone else was doing better than me.

When was it going to be my turn to shine?

I wanted to move forward so badly yet I felt so stuck.

I wanted to be a star…

And so it clicked.


I am the star of my own life.

I run my own show.

I create my own reality.

And guess what gorgeous…


You are a star.

You are a shining light in your life.

You always have been.

Life is not a competition.

There is no-one to compare yourself to.

There is no such things as ‘missing out’ or being left behind.

Because this is an abundant world and you are the main character of your own show.

No more comparing.

No more watching others with envy.

No more asking ‘when is it my turn’.

It is your turn the moment you choose.

Celebrate others and stay in your own lane.

You are not born to be the only shining star on this planet.

There are other shining lights here too.

This collective show, is not yours only.

Your own life show, IS.

Commit to your own journey.

Commit to your vision and commit to taking aligned action.

Commit to staying in your own lane and not looking sideways – unless it’s to authentically celebrate others.


You’ve got this.

Because you are the star of your own life.


– If that’s what and who you choose to be.

Get in your own lane and get going.

Cheering for you so much!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to SHINE!


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