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Just handed in keys to my old apartment…

And it’s time to fully embody this brand new chapter.

No lease…
No 9-5 job…
No furniture…

If you had told me 2 years ago that I would achieve ultimate happiness and complete state of bliss on my own after eliminating all of the above… I would have called you crazy!

Today I want to share about what I believe is a huge part of our life purpose…

…. H A P P I N E S S ….
For so long I searched for fulfilment externally.

I looked for happiness in physical possessions, friends and even external validation from men!

I wanted to be accepted and feel worthy.

But no matter how much I kept trying to fill a void externally I always felt unfulfilled.

I constantly felt empty.
I felt like something was missing.
In fact, nothing was ever enough!

Now after many years of Personal Development, Awakening my Awareness & consciousness, and taking aligned action in turning my Pain into Power –

There is one thing I know for certain:


True happiness is achieved when finding love, truth, alignment and fulfilment from within.

Stepping away from the beliefs, programs and expectations of society and getting to know your own soul.

Understanding self.
Exploring layers of self.
Discovering truth of self.
Loving and trusting of self.
Honouring all of the parts of self.

And understanding that everything in your reality is a reflection of YOU.

If you want external change…


The magic, miracles, flow, abundance, synchronicities and human connections that I am now blessed with is a RESULT of my commitment to working on mySELF.

I never share anything to impress you.
I share to impress UPON YOU.

If I can go from a self-destructive broken woman to constant state of daily bliss… SO CAN YOU!

I love you so so so sooooooo much!

Holding space through your transformation,
❤️ Linda

. . . . .
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