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I stopped by to have a little chat about HATERS.

Hands up if you have ever experienced a hater when your only intention is to make this world a better place?

Hands up if you have ever experienced a hater when you have been on a mission to help others or help your own circumstances in life?

Hands up if you have ever experienced a hater when you have spoken you truth, shared your message or simply just lived your life according to your values?


Darling they are out there.
Always have been. Always will be.

I get them too.
But I honour them.
And I send them love.

Wether you are being you or not being you –

There will be someone who disagrees with what you say.
There will be someone who disagrees with what you do.
There will be someone who disagrees with how you live your life.

And that’s awesome!

Because we all live life according to our highest values, which may happen to be completely different to yours.

And every person is, of course, entitled to their own opinion. It’s called freedom of choice & freedom to speak our truth.

But remember –
That’s exactly what it is.

THEIR perception.
THEIR opinion.
THEIR values.
THEIR truth.

But there will also be someone who simply hates on you because you are holding up a mirror and shining a light on what they do not want to see or face within themselves.

They are reacting to something they see in you, that literally has NOTHING to do with you.

And by you just EXISTING and going on with YOUR life as usual, it may be triggering various uneasy feelings within them.


Darling there is NOTHING you can or should do to try and stop them from feeling this way.


It’s their own internal stuff.
Only they can take responsibly to do the internal work.

Changing the internal changes the external.

The only thing you can and should do is to –

Be YOUR self.
Live YOUR truth.
Speak YOUR truth.
Focus on YOUR life.
Honour YOUR values.

Wether you are truly being you or not being you, not everyone is going to like you.

And the only person who suffers if you are not standing in your power and owning you, IS YOU.

Here’s another interesting question –

Have you ever met a hater who is positive, loves life, has an admirable amount of love & respect for themselves, and continues to take responsibility and doing the internal work to be a better person?

I don’t know about you…


People who have love & respect for themselves do not hate on others.

People who live life from a space of love rather than hate do not look for external reaction and war.

People who consciously do the internal work are not out there to tear others down.

People with an abundant attitude and mindset do not think or act from a space of fear.

But please know that haters are NOT bad people.

They are experiencing life in a reactive state that reflects on their own internal world.

Accept it.
Honour it.
Send them love.

In every situation I always ask myself –


One of my amazing teachers Kurek Ashley taught me that.

I can only be responsible for my own actions and reactions.

As can you for yours.


Linda x

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