An Introduction to Self-Healing.

Hello beautiful being. I am so glad you are here.

You’ve been divinely guided to this page for a reason. There is something here for you…

I have a feeling…

You are here because you are navigating some dense & vulnerable things in your life?

You are finding it difficult to navigate your day-to-day duties, with trigger after trigger appearing out of no-where?

You feel a current need for something or someone to give you resolution to a situation?

You are confused about where to start with your healing journey?

You are seeking some answers?

Some tools to help you with what you are going through?


I honour you for following your inner nudges here. And I send you so much love as you navigate this moment in time.


I must bring awareness to one of the biggest traps of healing so that you can avoid it.


In a world where we seek quick fixes, we (people in general) want healing to occur NOW.

We want ‘the thing gone now’.

Predominantly because we don’t like to feel the uncomfortableness within.

And we haven’t been taught how…

Is this you?

So we seek external magic pills, potions, spells & clearings in hope to take our pain & suffering away…

We attend reiki healings,
Sound healings,

And then we ponder –

“Why is ‘the thing’ still there?”

Is this you?



Patterns & wounds cannot be removed from your body & psyche solely by an external force.

You are equally needed in the process.

You must want to heal and open up to your soul’s evolution.

You must be willing to lean into your uncomfortable edges.

You must be willing to do the work.

And you must learn the right tools to support your healing process.

There are several healing modalities on offer in this world…

But none of them will be beneficial long-term unless you learn the correct self-healing tools to support your healing journey.

HEAL is a 14-Day introduction to Self-healing.

This program will teach you self-healing tools and various coping mechanisms to help you navigate what you are currently going through and growing through.

This program will equip you with the fundamental understanding of self-healing and also gift you with practices that will benefit you for when you find yourself in dense moments in time.

This program will expand your self-awareness and introduce you to the power of healing that will benefit you for weeks, months and years to come…

HEAL is an introduction to Self-healing to set you up on the right path with the right tools.

Without knowing the basics and the fundamentals, you cannot go deeper within your healing because you will simply not feel safe to do so.

HEAL will gift you a sense of safety, comfort, clarity and direction.

Hi, I’m Linda.

Your facilitator, Self-healing Coach & Personal Transformation Specialist.

I am humbled to be the conduit of this work.

Just like you – Once upon a time I was also feeling confused & chaotic within my own inner being, not knowing where to start unpacking all the painful pieces.

I was seeking answers. And I was seeking ways to take my pain…

Caught up in emotional turmoil, defeat, grief & sadness from all that I did my best to navigate.

From relationship break ups to losing family members.

From a conflicted internal world to addictions of all sorts.

Nothing changed until I was willing to do something differently…

I committed to my healing journey and learnt deeper self-awareness as well as tools to support me to navigate the denser moments in time.

That change in direction led me to the greatest healing journey of my life, and then later on into the space of helping others with their healing.

For the past 6 years I have helped thousands of people just like you to Heal, Grow, Transform & Thrive.

This work light me up as I know the power, potency & impact it has.

And I am SO excited that you have been guided here.

Because your entire world is about to change…

THIS is where it all begins…

HEAL is ready for you.

Are you open and willing to start ‘doing the work’ and invite deeper healing into your life?

You deserve to be happy and joyful.

And you deserve to turn chaos into calm and learn tools to benefit you for weeks, months & years to come.

It’s time to set you up for success on your healing journey.

Join the LIVE journey of HEAL commencing 15th of November

Receive lifetime access to all Lessons & Educational material.

*VIP inclusive of a 1x 60min 1:1 private breakthrough call with Linda: One time offer only in conjunction with November Live Course.

See you inside HEAL. A portal where your healing journey begins.