A Life-altering 6-Week Journey into Mastering Your Energetics to Achieve Macro Results in Micro Time.

Hello beautiful one… I have been awaiting your arrival 😉


You may not even know why you are here yet, but there was SOMETHING inside of you that guided you here.


Let me turn my guesses into soul certainty –


You are someone who has tried to implement aaaall the external strategies to have the outcomes that you desire in life, business, relationships and even with your physical body. But instead, it has either left you with no outcomes at all, or some outcomes but a very icky misaligned feeling.


It’s like being stuck on Mary-go-around, or even worse, a hamster-wheel of icky-ness! I know this all too well. I have been there too…


I have been the one who has invested $100,000+ dollars into Personal Development and High-level Business Masterminds to find the ‘right business strategy’ to exploding my business and to find a deep sense of happiness.


I followed a ‘text-book strategy’ and implemented step by step formulas that were working for other people. I even had spreadsheets what to post where and when. I planned and tracked EVERYTHING. I did exactly what these processes told me to do.


But the problem was, it wasn’t working for me. Many a times I got c**k-blocked by the Universe and I mysteriously either got cut off from my income, or all of my clients/customers fell through for an offering. I felt like pulling my hair out because I was “doing all the right things.” …Can you relate?

So why was this not working for me when it was working for others?

Because as a soul-connected and extremely self-aware human I had suddenly given faith and power to something external. Something that was OUTSIDE of me. And I knew it… The feeling I was experiencing on the inside was giving me feedback.


I felt so ‘icky and gross’. I was so out of alignment. And I know so many people are currently feeling this exact thing. Are you one of them?


The problem is that so many people are seeking for solutions externally, just like I was. This is what I call the ‘old paradigm of 3D business’ where an external strategy runs the show and is taught to every person in a course / program or mastermind. And then so many people STILL end up feeling like they are running on an infinite hamster-wheel and not moving forward.


This is how the mainstream personal development and coaching world is set up. People are told ‘if they don’t follow XYZ and keep investing into coaches & programs, then they will never be successful’. People get taught and programmed to not trust themselves, and not trust what is already within them. And that is a BIG problem! It’s the only REAL PROBLEM!


People are running around seeking answers outside of themselves, and seeking external strategies how to be, do & have more! When in fact they are so out of alignment with their soul that they simply aren’t getting the results that they desire. Alternatively, they may be getting SOME results, however they feel so icky and out of place. And eventually they are going to throw the towel in completely, or they may keep going and putting up with that inner feeling…


I personally refused to keep living with that icky inner feeling because I respect and value myself more than that. Besides, how can we expect to have mind boggling results in life & business if our energetics aren’t aligned and we are feeling icky about what we are doing and how we are doing it?


It’s like trying to attract abundance from scarcity, or freedom from control, or love from fear. IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK! Why? Because you are different, just like I am.


The way I recognised this was by listening within. I refused to keep giving my power away to external influences and strategies and found my own way. And that felt good! I am committed to a feel-good-life in all that I do, including business! And this is how my purpose work kept evolving and into showing others how to access the wisdom & guidance from within, as well as how to master their energetics to attract all that they desire from ease and flow. Because that is how I began to create everything that I desired. I began to work in the quantum with my own soul guidance, and my passion became to show others how they can access this part of them too. In case you are wondering – it’s part of you too, but you may not know how to fully access that part of you yet.


3D external step-by-step strategy in life and business isn’t wrong. But it’s not the solution for all of humanity. Just like the same eating, training & weight-loss plan won’t be a fit for every person. We are all different beings with different levels of consciousness, soul paths and awareness.


If more of us trusted ourselves and also learnt to master our energetics we would start to open up to infinite possibility and begin receiving abundantly from flow. And I am not just speaking of money (although it can be part of it). I speak of synchronicities that are the divine unfolding of our inner guidance. Where our soulmate people and customers/clients find us. And there is no strategy to follow or ‘DO’, only the fullest expression of Self to BE to receive.

High Vibe Frequency Shift

Is a Life-altering 6-week journey to master your energetics, to embody your soul’s highest frequency and to activate your energy field into a state of magnetism. This journey will shift your main state of being into a higher vibration – we attract not what we want, but WHO & WHAT WE ARE.


This journey will shift stagnant energy and activate you into your highest potential and fullest expression of your own soul’s blue-print. And this is how you begin to achieve macro results in micro time and become a super-attractor for all that you desire! Because of this Divine inner Alignment, YOU become the transmission and people become attracted to YOU.


This journey will Align, Activate & Amplify your Soul with the guidance of your High Vibe Healer & Soul-Activator Linda Liv Doktar, as well as our guest experts: Doctors with substantial wisdom & knowledge within the space of Energy, Frequency & Vibration.


  • Learn how to achieve Macro results in Micro time.
  • Master your energetics to become a super attractor for all that you desire.
  • Be held, guided & supported every step of the way to shift into your highest soul frequency.
  • Understand energy, frequency & vibration on a deeper level and how to use it to your own benefit.
  • Embody your own soul frequency and do Life & Business in a way that feels good in your soul.
  • Work with God/The Universe and become a vessel & channel for your own soul-work.
  • Get into full alignment with your own soul and energy.
  • Embody Soul-Certainty: Learn how to fully trust your inner navigation system and let it guide you in all that you do.
  • Play in the invisible and begin to harness the power of conscious life creation in the realms of energetics.
  • Build your courage & confidence in yourself & your soul.
  • Start receiving abundantly and allow connections, opportunities, clients, customers & partnerships to flow to you.
  • Live in a happy, healthy & high vibe body that THRIVES.


  • You want to be told all the answers & external strategies but not willing to take the journey within to create the change.
  • You are not willing to let go of your old programming & belief system.
  • You aren’t willing to explore the unknown and learn to think, be & vibe differently.
  • You are comfortable & happy to stay in the “push-hustle-work-harder” 3D paradigm of life & business.

There is a way to do life & business YOUR WAY, in a way that feels good for you. A way that allows you to simply BE and show up as the fullest and most authentic expression of your own soul-frequency, and as a result become a super attractor of all that you desire.


High Vibe Frequency Shift has been created to help you come back into alignment with yourself and master your energetics so that…


You can receive all things abundantly.
Your soul-aligned friendships, connections & partnerships find you.
Your soul-aligned business partners, customers & clients find you.
You can live in a happy, healthy & high-vibe body that THRIVES.
And can continue to have experiences that feel juicy in your soul.



  • 6 Weekly Transformational Group Transmissions
  • 3x Expert Guest Speakers (2x Doctors)
  • Soul Activations, Healings, Energy Alignment, Guided meditations.
  • Private Facebook Community for support, communication & accountability
  • Lifetime access to program & content

I’m in! My soul guided me here!


  • 6 Weekly Transformational Group Transmissions
  • 3x Expert Guest Speakers (2x Doctors)
  • Soul Activations, Healings, Energy Alignment, Guided meditations.
  • Private Facebook Community for support, communication & accountability
  • Lifetime access to program & content



  • Weekly LIVE group coaching call
  • BONUS (Week 7) – Half Day Energetix Retreat (online)
  • 1x 90min private 1:1 Soul-Frequency session.

I’m a VIP of course! And never anything less!


  • 6 Weekly Transformational Group Transmissions
  • 3x Expert Guest Speakers (2x Doctors)
  • Soul Activations, Healings, Energy Alignment, Guided meditations.
  • Private Facebook Community for support, communication & accountability
  • Lifetime access to program & content



  • Weekly LIVE group coaching call
  • BONUS (Week 7) – Half Day Energetix Retreat (online)
  • Weekly 1:1 Private Coaching/Healing call (6x 60min)
  • Group Messenger Chat for the course of the Program (Daily Support)
  • BONUS 2 – Free access to The Expansion Experience 10-wk immersion ($2,222 USD value)

I’m a Platinum! I’m claiming my highest timeline & level of expansion!


Your energy is your vibe.
Your vibe is your currency.
Your currency is the centre point of creation from which you create & attract life.


It’s time to get into inner alignment & become the fullest expression of your own soul frequency.


It’s time to welcome the magnetic light of your Self & attract macro results in micro time!


Looking forward to this expansive & magnetic journey with you.




With Love & High Vibes,


Linda x

What others have said about working with Linda

“I never knew I could grow so much and make such changes in my life! The healing that has occurred has been so transformational! I’m a completely different version of myself now. My hubby has noticed a huge difference in me! I’m loving life and feeling so high, thank you!!”
– Mandy Gillespie

“The happiness of my relationship was possible because of you! The greatest investment I ever made was working with you!”
– Brittney Luscombe

“I started working with Linda after a difficult birthing experience and feeling I needed to tap back into my true self and soul-expression. Right away she’s helped me become aware of so much buried emotions, and how to release them! I feel like myself again!”
– Britney Taylor

“I got more out of The 10-week Expansion course in 7 weeks (so far), than I did in 12 months on a previous coaching course, and there’s still 3 weeks to go!!”
– Tiffany Jayne Laing


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See you on the inside! x

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