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Here’s what I know…

(Apart from my hat looking absolutely ridiculous. Few humorous comments from near and dear: “you are wearing that?” Hehe. Yes.. Yes I am 😆Because it’s shiny and sparkly. And because every time I look at it I smile and I get to remind myself to shine a little brighter!).

So what else do I know?

I know a little about a lot…
Or maybe I know a lot about a little?
Actually – the more I learn the less I know!

Ok jokes aside.
(But you do know I like to play!) 😆

But here is what I know for sure –


Like you know there is more…
Like you know you were born for more…
Like you know things could be really different…

Because those nudges will always be there.
Those nudges are not going anywhere.

But you have been too afraid to act on them?
You have been too scared of judgement from others?
You have even doubted yourself and what you feel?

“Is what I am feeling even real?”

But perhaps you have recognised that feeling of ’emptiness’ and already tried to look within?

Tried to listen to your own soul?
Tried to feel what lives in your heart?

But the noise of your mind and the busyness of the world has taken its toll on your ‘inward dive’.

Honouring your internal compass is a journey.
Discovering your life purpose is a journey.
Understanding yourself is a journey.

Also learning about the different layers and dimensions of life and self, is a journey.

But we must start somewhere.

We really don’t have to see every detail of the flight map. We just have to board the plane and commit to taking the journey.
And we must trust in the journey.
We must have faith.

I see so many people get confused and frustrated with this internal process. Many also compare their own journey of growth and evolution to others.

“I should be further ahead”
“Why am I not there yet?”
“When will I get there?”

You will never get “THERE”
There is no “THERE” to get to.

You are here to live and enjoy this human experience. You are here to live through all parts of it – the good AND the challenging.

And I stopped by to remind you of something that will help you in your journey. It’s something that we all have as a bullet proof guide:


Our only real ‘job’ is to honour that internal compass and let it guide us, as we journey here through life.

But can you trust that compass?
Can you surrender to its guidance?
Can you start honouring what lives inside of you?

I know what it feels like to ignore that compass. And I also know that many of those ‘lost’ and ’empty’ feelings are a result of ignoring that compass.

To ignore your truth.
To ignore the feelings of your heart.
To ignore your the whispers of your soul.

So shall we continue to journey together?

But shall we ‘do’ so (BE so) while honouring our internal compass? Shall we choose to listen and connect within, and trust in our guidance?

Shall we go ‘home’?
Because home feels safe.

But where is home?


Let your inner compass guide you there.

Still feeling disconnected from self & your internal compass? I invite you to lean on my guidance to find your own guidance.

Journey well my sister.
Journey well my brother.

Much love to you! ❤️

Linda x

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