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…If you gave yourself permission to be happy?
…If you started listening to what’s within you?
…If you stopped living life according to other people’s wants, needs & expectations?
…If you stopped saying yes to things you wanted to say no to?
…If you started saying yes to only the things that light up your soul?
…If you simply decided you’re worthy?
…If you stopped dwelling on your pain & suffering and started taking aligned action in a positive direction?

Here’s the thing gorgeous…

Your entire life is up to you.
And I know you’ve heard it all before.
But obviously still not enough because you are still choosing to sit in that uncomfortable space?

I have been there too.
It’s ugly. It feels so challenging…

To live in a shadow that literally chokes you daily.
It wraps its hands around your throat so that you can’t speak.
So you continue to suffer in silence.

But do you know that YOU are always the frontline of your shadow.

So when will you stop giving your power away to past life events and other people?

The Universe is constantly aspiring to give you everything that you want.

It’s literally waiting for you to open your arms and be ready to receive.

But you cannot receive with a soul full of yesterday’s junk.

Today was the day you started making those small changes?
Always backing you.

With Love & Blessings,

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