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I want to let you in on something real.
I guess it can be perceived as a little full on.

But as per my previous post –
You get to see more of the REAL ME!

(I do practice what I preach BTW).
So, before we begin…

I want to ask you something…

Perhaps a little confronting maybe, or at least a little hard to admit to something like this..?

Or to even know if you’ve experienced this..?


A belief that is so strong it becomes part of you.
It becomes who and what you are.
It becomes your truth.

You’d fight for it.
You’d take a bullet for it.
You’d give up your last breath for it.

And I DO.

But I never knew what this was and how it felt until I tapped into my true purpose and soul mission last year.
I discovered deeper layers to it.
I discovered parts and layers of myself that I did not even know existed.

And I still do!

This journey never ends!

When I speak of ‘PURPOSE’ I don’t mean your job or the type of work you’ve chosen to do.

I mean something way deeper than that.
I mean who you really and truly are underneath all that.
I speak of UNSHAKEABLE BELIEF in something bigger than yourself, something that exists within you, and something that is flowing through you.

This is what I experience in regards to my souls message.
And my souls message is what I wholeheartedly believe in and share with you DAILY.

And by the way –

I will continue to preach that Your Pain Is Your Power until you get it.
Actually I won’t stop then either.

I’ll stop after I’ve taken my last breath.

But if my belief, purpose and message is ingraved into my soul, I’m pretty certain I will show up as a conscious leader in my next lifetime too – preaching something that I believe in and something THAT I KNOW positively impacts this world.

I have loads of fire within me.
I have loads of passion within me.
I have loads of unshakable belief within me.
And if you know me you also know that I preach with LOVE because I care.

I’m on a mission to raise global consciousness and help more of humanity turn pain into power.

And I KNOW my work, my message and my gift does exactly that.

I also KNOW that not everyone is ready to receive my gift.
And that’s ok.

I can’t change the world on my own.

But what I can do is give my EVERYTHING to those who are ready to receive my gift and what flows through me.

You may not know this,
but when I work with my 1:1 clients I enter into a long term relationship with them.
I commit to them.
They commit to me.
We become an unstoppable team.
I pretty much marry them for a minimum of 10 weeks.
Many of them longer by choice.
I love on them daily.
I speak to them daily.
I hold space for them daily.

And I call them on their BS daily. (Yes this is just as important as the first 3).

We grow together.
We evolve together.
We may even shed tears together.
I throw myself into their life, fully.
I link arms with them.
I support them.
I guide them.
I help them transform.
I don’t believe in speaking to any client just once a week with a “great job, chat next week” attitude.

I mean, just like one gym session a week isn’t going to get you up on the comp stage – neither is 1 weekly mindset call going to create life changing transformation in all areas of your life.
Honey I’m in your head daily!
I sit on your shoulder daily!

We re-wire your thinking & internal blue print so that you can finally have, do and be more!
And last time I checked –

Meaning we create daily.
So the work needs to be done, DAILY!

For this exact reason I only ever work with a maximum of 5x 1:1 long term clients at a time.

The rest of my coaching I deliver via group intensives, events, workshops and soon through my brand new monthly group coaching & membership site.

My 1:1 clients are my priority.
I fall in love with their soul.
And to finish this post I want to honour all of my clients who I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Watching you grow and transform is part of why I live and breathe.

Today I have reflected and ended up in an absolute pool of gratitude with happy tears in my eyes. I am so so proud of them.
How did I get so lucky to receive and embody this gift and help others with it?


So here’s a little love & light to anyone who is currently doing the internal work:

💫 Keep on going gorgeous. Conscious transformation isn’t always pretty, but so so worth it 💫

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

Speaker | Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach
PS – I have 1x new 1:1 opening for September.
Via application only.
Turn Your Pain Into Power.
For those who are ready to receive xx

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