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You never ‘like’ my posts but you always read them.
You never make yourself known but you’re always watching.
You never comment but you’re always thinking.


You don’t think I do, but I do.
I don’t see you physically.
But I see you energetically.
I see you in my minds eye.
I can feel you.
I can read you.
I can sense you.

How do I know?

Well firstly,
You are reading this post right now, aren’t you?

Your mind is full of thoughts and questions but your body feels paralysed.

It’s like you can’t move.

You want to say something but you just can’t.
You want to write and press send but when you attempt to do so your body turns into a rag doll.

Your shame and guilt is stopping you from taking action.
Your shame & guilt is stopping you from reaching out.
Your shame and guilt is stopping you from owning your story.
Because the layer of your ego keeps reminding you…

“I should be the one who has their sh1t together, people come to ME for advise!”
“I can’t look like I’m losing the plot, people look up to ME!”
“I can’t tell anyone what I’m really experiencing, I help others sort THEIR stuff out!”

That internal chatter is driving you mad.
That internal expectation is sending you nuts.
That internal judgement is wearing you down.
You’re putting on a smiling brave face in public.
Like nothing’s wrong…


You’re hiding under inaction.
Because it’s just easier to just stay quiet.
It’s easier to not tell anybody.
It’s easier to look and observe what everyone else is doing.
It’s easier to escape into the world of Social Media and numb your inner mess.
Your FB news feed is keeping you occupied.
It takes you away from facing your own soul.
It feels like a blessing.

Congratulations –
You’ve managed to escape.



You are right there…
You are waiting for something.
But even you don’t know what you are waiting for.
You just poddle along with your life.
Keeping those uncomfortable emotions to yourself.
Your uncomfortableness has in fact become comfortable.
It’s become your norm.
You’ve stayed quiet for so long.
Honey why are you choosing to live in prison?
Why are you choosing to suffer in silence?
Why are you choosing to bathe in your internal chaos?

So if you are still here reading this…
You know I’m talking to your soul.
That thing you have been waiting for…

Maybe you just needed someone to SEE YOU?
Maybe you just needed someone to UNDERSTAND YOU?

I think it’s time to rise above your internal chaos.
I think it’s time to step into your flow.
I think it’s time to sort out your inner conflict so that you can continue to serve others with ease & grace.

I see you.
I love you.
And I’ll be waiting for you.

Let’s Turn Your Pain Into Power so you can do what you were born to do?

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

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