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An appreciation post from the openness of my heart space, to yours…

This year has been one of the most transformative years of my life. And this last month in particular… Just when you think you have experienced a quantum leap there is always another level to be revealed.

I have consciously chosen to dive head first into exploring the depths of my soul and remembering who I really am. Because at some point during this human experience I simply forgot.

A journey of awakening is a journey back to wholeness. It is a deep commitment to self to consciously continue to navigate through life with the best intentions to grow from every experience. It is about honouring not only the light within us, but diving deep into our dark shadows. It is about taking ownership of our pain, struggles, emotions and dissonance. It is about nurturing and healing our wounds and also responding lovingly to the ones who trigger inner turmoil within ourselves.

I have been immersed into conscious growth and Personal Development for many years now, but the deep inner shadow work as of late has been some of the most uncomfortable but most transformational thus far.

I have looked deeply into my own triggers.

I have re-visited wounds that I thought were healed.

I have sat in stillness feeling the pain and sobbing as I am processing and working through my inner experience.

The dark parts of ourselves, our shadows, are the parts of us that will set us free. We cannot heal from what we are hiding.

I also believe we do not need months or years to release trauma, pain or suffering. However, to continue on the path of the awakened soul it requires deep commitment, openness and trust to do so.

Coming back to wholeness is a lifelong journey. It is also about our willingness to look at those who trigger us as loving mirrors to help us heal and grow.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all men and women who have ever triggered inner turmoil within me. Without you I would never have been able to explore my deep wounds and start to transcend back into wholeness.

I would also like to express deep appreciation to my embodiment of patience which has been a big contributing factor within my transformational inner journey.
I honour my soul that has guided me and my physical vessel that has carried me through a journey of re-exposing my wounds such as neglect, abandonment, self-destruction and lack of self-worth.


Honouring my soul with connectedness, forgiveness, love and compassion is something I am deeply committed to.

I surrender to loving and accepting all parts of me that are surfacing to be felt and seen.

I surrender to my human experience.
Will you surrender to yours?

This is a time for a new awakened paradigm.
This is a time for a global ripple effect.
This is a time for the conscious leaders to rise.


From the openness of my heart to yours…

I love you.

Linda x

Turn Your Pain Into Power.
– You are the writer of your own story.

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