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I’m fat.

I don’t like my butt.

I hate my dimply thighs.

I can’t stand this cellulite.

I hate my fat stomach.

I hate my tuck shop arms.

I don’t like my ugly nose.

My lips are too small.

My boobs are too weird.

I hate my big nipples.

My yoni is just awkward.

My flaps are too big.

I hate the lines under my eyes.

My shoulders are too big.

I can’t stand my flabby sides.

I wish I was prettier.

I wish I had better skin.

I wish I was good enough.

I’m not deserving.

Unless I’m in comp shape I’m not sexy.

Unless I’m a size 8 I’m not worthy and no man will ever love me…


Because I am worthy.
And I am good enough.
I am beautiful just the way I am.

But what has this world come to?

“Buy this makeup and you’ll have nicer looking skin”
“Wear these clothes and you’ll look slimmer”
“Have this treatment and you’ll be more beautiful”
“Buy this car and you’ll get your confidence back”
“Buy this latest TV and you’ll feel better about yourself”
“Buy this newIPhone and you’ll be cool with the latest trends”
“Get this dating app and you’ll never feel lonely”
“Take this pill and you’ll feel better”


No wonder we are running around feeling unworthy.

Because nothing will ever be good enough.
We will never be satisfied or fulfilled because we are brainwashed to buy more.

We are being told we’re not good enough.

We are taught to seek for love, fulfilment and validation outside of ourselves.

We are taught that beauty, fulfilment and happiness comes from external sources.

We are taught to draw on our face, to dye our hair, to walk in uncomfortable 15cm heels because that is what beauty is…

And who wouldn’t want to be beautiful?

A few days ago I walked into a shopping centre and this manikin caught my eye. ‘She’ was wearing sports wear. She looked so fragile she was about to shatter into a million pieces! She looked anorexic. Not even a small size 6 would have cut it. She was more like an Australian size 4.

And this is what we now compare ourselves to?
This is what we see daily out in the world and anything less or more makes us feel unworthy.

Our magazines are photo shopped and all people look like cartoons or supermodels.

Commercials are computer made.

We begin to photo shop and filter our own photos because otherwise we are not ‘good enough’ and ‘pretty enough’.

Wake up…


It’s time to break free from this old paradigm.
It’s doesn’t serve us.
It keeps us stuck!

We have become slaves of this programming.
We have been conditioned.
We have been domesticated.

We have been taught to live in a lie!

Because if we ‘woke up’ then who would buy the products that we buy to help us ‘feel more beautiful’?

Who would buy all the pills and potions if we got taught the true power of the mind?

Who would spend money on cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and junk food if we were raised with awareness for true health and deep form of Self-love & respect.

If buying all the clothes, pills, potions, treatments, dating apps and latest technology were the answer to our ‘unworthiness’ and ‘not-enough-ness’ –

Then shouldn’t we already feel good about ourselves?

Shouldn’t we already feel happy and fulfilled?

Shouldn’t we already feel ‘pretty enough’, ‘skinny enough’ and ‘confident enough’?

Shouldn’t we already be thriving and ‘have our sh*t together’?

Clearly, something isn’t right.
Something isn’t working.

Wake up…


Your ‘unworthiness’ is an illusion.
Your ‘not-enough-ness’ is an illusion.

Your unhealthy habits that are causing you pain and slowly killing you, stem from your programming.

‘They’ got you good…

But ‘they’ shall no longer keep you hostage if you choose to awaken.

If you choose to face the truth…

The truth that slaps you across your face so hard that you want to bite back.

The truth that feels like it stabs you deep inside your heart.

Of course the easier option would be to keep living in denial.

But is it really the easier road when you keep walking around unhappy and unfulfilled?
Is it really the easier road when you keep hating parts of yourself and sabotaging your life?

We stay in destructive relationships because we never got taught to love Self and honour Self.

We keep putting up with disrespectful behaviour from others because we never got taught Self-respect.

We keep pleasing other people and putting ourselves last because we never got taught the true meaning of Self-love and to set healthy & necessary boundaries.

We settle in relationships that are not growing or serving us because we don’t want to feel lonely or end up alone. We never got taught that love and wholeness exists inside of us.

We approach relationships from a space of disconnection from Self. We mistaken attachment for love.

“My beloved, you complete me”

– Who taught you that you were ‘broken’ or ‘incomplete’, and ‘not worthy’ unless you have found “the one”?

Let’s look at the opposite,

“I don’t want a relationship because I don’t want to get hurt”

– Who taught you that retracting from human connection and closing & protecting your heart is the answer to a happy life?

Deep inside you know it isn’t.

But your fears have scarred you.
They have controlled you.

Feeling lost.
Feeling stuck.
Feeling directionless.

We live life to ‘fit in’ no matter how painful it is.


Why do YOU keep yourself in this place?

Wake up gorgeous soul…


I did.
I woke up.
I still am.
Every minute, every hour.

Every day I ask myself –

How can I love myself more today and be a better person than I was yesterday?
How can I choose more love for Self & others today?
What better choices can I make today that reflect my evolved consciousness?

I don’t always nail it.
I don’t always get it right…


I’m Linda.
I’m 34 years of age.

And for most of my life I have battled inner conflict with myself and been destructive toward myself.

I have hated and loathed myself.

I have hated what I saw in the mirror.

I have been abused in relationships because that is exactly how I was treating my own Self.

I have carried unhealthy behaviours that have disrespected my body and killed me slowly.

I have used drugs, sex, coffee, alcohol, junk food, sugar and splurging money to fill a ‘hole of emptiness’.

For the last 5 years I have been on a journey to finding deeper Self-love.
I have consciously began to heal the relationship I have with myself.

And due to this my entire world has changed.

I no longer speak to myself or others in destructive ways.

I no longer say yes to things that I want to say no to.

I no longer allow abuse toward Self and from others.

I no longer put up with disrespect, negativity and toxicity in any shape or form.

18 months ago I did a personal and private Self-love ceremony and ‘married myself’. This was never a legally binding contract or done from a space of “telling men to F-off and to be on my own for the rest of my life” – as the most of the world has perceived it.

I live by rituals.
I live by setting intentions.
I live by conscious practices to deepen my Self-connection.


The last 6 weeks my story went viral all around the global media. I have been on front covers of newspapers, appeared on radio interviews, talk shows, various magazines and all over the Internet. I have lost count of how many countries have featured my story.

True Self-love is a strange concept to so many.
We think ‘Self’ stems from ‘selfish’ or ‘narcissism’.

Once again our programming ‘got us good’…

I refused to keep living in pain, struggle, resistance and inner conflict.

I now have healthy boundaries.
I value myself and I value my time.
I have made peace with the parts of Self that I used to hate.
I have fallen deeply in love with my own soul and I now work WITH me, not against me.

My entire world is now different.

I also learnt to love myself enough to change my relationship with money.

I loved myself enough to no longer put up with financial struggle and an empty bank account that was my reality for many years.

I loved myself enough to draw the line in the sand and TAKE ACTION toward my dreams and hearts desires.

I now travel the world with absolute time freedom. I have built a reality that allows me to live life by my own design.

And it is an absolute gift to help others do the same.

“Where should I start to create this change?” – you ask…


But Self-love does not mean ‘perfection’.
It doesn’t mean getting it all right all of the time.


It is about taking the time to know yourself and your behaviours, your wounds, your trauma, your blocks and transforming everything that does not serve you.

It is about sending love to the parts of yourself that you have neglected.

It is about making friends with your shadows and turning pain into power.

It is about coming back to wholeness and choosing to operate from love.

It is about > The Scared Journey Back To Self.


Are you willing to do the work to change?

Are you willing to heal the disconnected parts of you and fall in love with you – so that you can radiate more love, light and happiness into the world?

I see you.
I honour you.
And I love you so deeply.

I started to love my external because I learnt to love my internal.

Infinite Love & Blessings your way…

xo Linda

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