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The other night I had the honour to speak on a live webinar to a heart centred community of 2500 people. I got interviewed about how I have and continue to create fast success and positive change in my life.

On this call I spoke to:

✔️Embodied manifestation.

✔️Releasing the old to create space for the new.

✔️How to trust in taking the leap.

✔️Being willing to dive into the darkness of Self to be free.



I also shared that the thing I am most proud of in my life is the level of self-awareness I have embodied.

Not the money, not the lifestyle, not the other external win – but my self-awareness.

How aware are you of yourself?

Your thoughts.

Your emotions.

Your reactions.

Your vibration.

Your energetic state.

Your inner guidance.

Your heart space.

Your ego self.

Your soul.

Your level of alignment.

Your path.


What about the Loud-And-Clear messages from the Universe? (Which is also part of you).

It brings me to a humble smile that the one thing that we most teach, is the one thing where we need to take our own advise on.

The past 2 months have been a WILD ride for me personally and internally. I have gone into the depths of my soul and my being, to face parts of me that I haven’t yet fully wanted to face in this human life, in order to fully let go of them.

Unhealed wounds from my childhood.

Also, repetitive patterns that no longer serve the next stage of my life.

Why now?
Because I AM READY for the next-level version of Self and life. And for me to fully embody her I must let go of the old and create space for the new.

I have worked closely with a private healer to work through my dormant wounding.

I have sat with sacred plant medicine to heal at soul level.

I have sat with 3 other sacred medicines to purge out disempowering parts of old self and to open up the channels and guidance into a new way of being.

I have been lead through deep and powerful breath work into altered states of consciousness.

Yeah it’s ‘woo-woo’.

Just as ‘woo-woo’ as us humans living on a giant floating rock in the middle of space.

My soul always knows where to guide me for the next stages of my souls evolution. And I listen.

Are you listening to your inner guidance?

Or are you living blindfolded in complete denial, and projecting your wounding onto others?


I am currently only 5 days out of deep purging of the old self. My being has called for deep integration in solitude.

I was aware of this request of integration in solitude, but I was half ignoring it.

I couldn’t help but also notice an old dormant wound surfacing that I thought I had fully let go of:

Saying yes to aaaallll the catch ups with friends.

Saying yes to socialising both online & offline.

Saying yes to people rather than solitude.

Saying yes to putting others needs, wants & feelings before mine.

And in the process ignoring the clear guidance and requests from my soul.


So… What do you think happened?



In the last 24 hours I have:

> Almost fallen of my scooter

> Lost a toe nail and a river of blood

> Spilled my food all over the floor in my villa

> Tripped over my own feet 3 times plus more.

Literally a walking hazard.
Can you see any alarm bells going off?

Uncontrollable crying.

Deep exhaustion at cellular level.

Moments of wanting the whole world to F off.

Moments of feeling like ‘I’m losing it’.

Can you relate?

Darling I was never ‘losing it’.

And neither were you.

I was simply not honouring the strict guidance from my soul. I was ignoring the messages of deep integration in solitude, NOW – not later.

So I got told off.

I have deep gratitude for being reminded to always come back into alignment.

I am no different to you.

I get slapped if I don’t listen.

The last 24 hours I have been hit by a giant cosmic truck. Something I never thought I’d experience anymore.

Self-awareness is one thing.

But acting from this space and honouring self is a completely different thing.

Always an honour to share with you and remind you…

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