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What if life didn’t have to be this way…
What if it could be juicy, fun, joyful, exciting, exhilarating and full of adventure – every single day??
What if it could be full of flowing abundance and making decisions based on heart and soul?
Can I have an ‘amen’ ?
> At what point did you decide that your current challenging circumstances are forever?
> At what point did you decide to settle for just ‘okay’?
> At what point did you decide that you’re not worthy of having, doing and being more?
This is all your own doing.
This is all your your own story that you have been telling, believing and living.
And trust me when I say THIS IS GOOD NEWS!
Because this means that you can change it.
You can change it all and have it all.
You can do anything.
It is just your stories that are keeping you stuck.
Your stories and excuses that have you dwelling on “why you can’t”.
Everywhere I go, when I end up in conversations with strangers, I get the same responses and reactions.
I get asked the ‘normal’ chit-chat questions to which I never give a ‘normal’ answer. The answers I give lead to more questions, of course.
I tell people about my nomad lifestyle and they instantly think I live in a van. Their next thought is that I might be couch surfing or staying in hostels or tents.
My response is always the same…
I smile and I say, No…
– I travel the world whenever and wherever I want. Most of the time I stay in my own apartments, hotels or villas. I love 5 star accommodation just as much as I love tree-houses. It’s such an exciting adventure!
“Are you on an extended holiday or like taking a year off your normal life?”
– No… this is not a holiday, this is my normal life.
“Wow, what a life! You are so lucky!”
– No again, I’m not lucky. I created this. And you can too, if you want and if you are willing of course.
And < RIGHT HERE > is when I get presented with a limiting stories that keep these beautiful souls stuck.
“Yeah I’d like to but…”
“That’d be nice but…”
“I’ve always wanted to do that but…”
The only ‘BUT’ I have in my life is the one at the back of my body. It has 2 cheeks and an extra ‘T’.
I recognise limiting stories and beliefs a mile away. I hear them daily. I overhear conversations. I speak with strangers. I call my clients out on them. I even call myself out on them before I verbally express myself.
I didn’t create this life and become a permanent globe trotter by having a ‘but’ in my language.
I removed it.
I eliminated it.
I made it illegal in my own books.
Because I had dreams to build.
I had an EPIC lifestyle to create.
…More money that I wanted to call in.
…More magic, miracles & abundance that I wanted to receive.
…More fun, joy & adventure that I wanted to experience.
…More countries I wanted to visit and more people I wanted to meet.
I wanted every day to be a Sunday.
Because every Sunday I used to live on my own terms.
Now I live EVERY DAY on my own terms!
How many ‘but’s’ are you using in your language?
How many ‘but’s’ can you count in your sentences?
How many ‘but’s’ are part of your life?
The only ‘BUT’ you should keep is the one you can shake.
What have your stories held you back from doing?
What have your stories prevented you from having?
What have your stories stopped you from experiencing?
Isn’t it time to tell new stories?
Stories that actually produce a different outcome to the one you are now living.
New stories about
Your life.
Your Self.
Your body.
Your health.
Your lifestyle.
Your finances.
Your business.
Your relationships.
Do you think that my old story of –
“I‘d love to travel the world but my bank accounts always end up in zero”
– was the story that created my abundant, globe trotting lifestyle?
You betcha NOT!
How long have your stories kept you stuck?
What has it cost you?
– Mentally?
– Emotionally?
– Spiritually?
– Financially?
If you have been living of a 50K yearly salary for 5 years and dreaming of a yearly pay check of 150K…
I know this truth hurts.
It cuts you deep.
It cut me deep too.
My previous limiting stories have cost me millions of dollars.
They have cost me relationships.
They have cost me my body and my health.
They also cost me time and they cost me my dreams.
I put a stop on that pattern.
I took a different action that produced a different outcome.
I reached out for help and had others guide me into greatness.
How long are you going to keep yourself stuck by telling the same old story?
How much more does it have to cost you before you make a change?

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