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Do you remember when you were a child and you told your parents what you were going to do and be when you grew up? You were so excited. Your smile painted an upside down rainbow from one ear to another.

You had no limitations or doubts.
You had no fear of being heard or seen.
You had no agenda other than following your own soul.

It felt so good.
It excited you daily.
And each morning you bounced out of bed because it was another brand new day to dream.

You were certain that one day you were going to live those dreams.
One day, when you grew up, you were going to live those creations.

But then something happened on the way to “growing up”…

Your excitement had faded and you had been taught how to be a ‘grown up’.
You had been taught what you should want, need and desire.
Because that was part of being an ‘adult’.
And that’s just the way it was…

I now invite you to a moment of contemplation.

At what point did you lose sight of YOUR DREAMS?
At what point did you tuck them away and forget about them?
At what point did you decide that you no longer were worthy of them?

Right now you might be feeling kinda sorta ok.
You might be feeling content in your life.
Everything might be moving along just fine.

But there is still a soft whisper that haunts your hearing…
There is still an internal niggle that penetrates your being.

You know there’s more…

But why are you still turning a blind eye?
Why are you pretending they’re not there?

I dare you to take a dive within to FEEL, EXPLORE and OBSERVE.

Those niggles and whispers are begging you to listen. They are the compass of your heart and your soul.

So, what if you just said YES?
What if you just said YES to yourSELF?

That excitement you had as a child is the same excitement you can and should still have now, daily.

Imagine (still) waking up with fire in your belly?
Imagine (still) bouncing out of bed because you had been gifted another day to dream?

Gorgeous, YOU HAVE.

Your life is a gift and your power of creation is your magic.

You still have everything inside of you.

You didn’t come here to just survive.
You didn’t come here to just be ‘ok’.

You came here to adventure and to explore you infinite potential as a human!

But I know you just forgot..
And that’s ok.

And I showed up to remind you –


That “life purpose” you are looking for outside of yourself… You will never find.

Your dreams… ARE YOUR CALLING.

So I dare you to look within and see what’s there…


I love you.
Your dreams love you too.
They chose YOU.

So now that you know…
Never forget that again… Promise?

Always an honour to remind you.

Linda x

PS – February intake open for my 1:1 coaching & mentoring. Excited to guide the next lot of special humans through a journey of substantial growth 💖

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