A 4-week fast-start into a Happier, Healthier & Better Functioning YOU!

Have you been feeling stuck, unmotivated & tired of the ‘same old’?
Have you been feeling frustrated about the yo-yo patterns with your results?
Have you been feeling un-inspired, unmotivated, constantly annoyed or burnt out?
Have you been caught in self-judgement & self-sabotage cycles, and struggled to make sense of your mind, body & emotions?

What if you could change that and create long lasting Transformation in your life once & for all.

To create long lasting change in our Life comes down to more than making changes to our food & exercise.


And to live in a happy, healthy, high-functioning body that thrives in productivity & joy comes down to more than knowledge.


There is a big difference between getting temporary results and changing our patterns for good to elevate into a brand-new Self that simply cannot go back to the same-old.

Imagine a reality where you are…

Thriving in work/purpose.
Thriving in your relationships.
Thriving in your creative projects.
Thriving in your health & fitness goals.

In this 4-week Program we dive deep into the world of Mind, Body, Energy & Emotions – The fundamental 4 key components to creating long lasting transformation in all areas of your life.


  • Create a brand New You who wakes up with excitement & inspiration!
  • Turn Self-judgement & Self-Sabotage into clarity, confidence and inspired action.
  • Turn your ‘yo-yo’ patterns into long-lasting results & transformation.
  • Improve your mindset & mental health for ongoing happiness & success.
  • Increase energy, productivity, peak performance & overall wellness.
  • Feel peace, harmony & stability within your mind, body, energy & emotions.
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself & learn tools to support your ongoing growth.
  • Implement a Personal Success & Self-care plan to help you thrive in your daily duties.
  • Learn the fundamentals of long-lasting transformation – You will never be the same, only better!

Learn & apply the 4 Pillars of Long-Lasting Transformation & Personal Success:


  • You will elevate your mindset, mental health, emotional state, happiness & productivity.
  • You will create powerful personal daily structures to support you in day-to-day experiences & your continued growth.
  • You will learn tools & processes to help you maintain your best Self for the rest of your Life – no matter what comes your way!

Each Lesson is accompanied with a Video Training & Workbook tasks to help you stay on track and apply your learning to create a brand NEW YOU.

About Your Facilitator, Linda


Linda has successfully helped thousands of people unstuck themselves so they could start thriving in Life, Self, Purpose & Confidence.


Her extensive knowledge of Success Mindset, Energetics, Psychology & Human Behaviour has allowed individuals to become a happier, healthier & more productive Self with a true zest for Life as a result.


Her clients & students have created long-lasting happiness & success, and also began experiencing more fulfillment in their relationships.


Linda’s knowledge & passion for her work will powerfully guide into creating life-changing & long-lasting transformation within yourself & your Life.

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Individual Enrolment

Payment Plan


4x weekly Payments of $60 AUD (TOTAL $240)

Individual Enrolment

Upfront Payment


1x Payment of $197 AUD
(Save $43 AUD)

Corporate Organisations

Send an inquiry for a group quote or inquire to purchase the rights to this program for your current & future staff.


*Company Group Deals include a LIVE presentation for you & your staff in person or via Zoom.
(Conditions apply)

It’s time to create a brand NEW YOU and start thriving in Self, Mindset, Confidence, Productivity.

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You are only a few inner tweaks away from long-lasting & thriving personal success!