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No address – No home – No worries!

Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamt of living a life of complete freedom. She wanted nothing more than to work and live location-free, so that she could explore more of the bounty this life had to offer. She started building a life that was in alignment with her dreams and vision.


Today I officially transition into a life without a physical address. This means I will no longer have a home that is classified as a ‘normal home’. My home is in my heart and wherever I choose to adventure next.

I have no furniture.
I have no fixed home.
I have no traditional ‘security’.

But what I do have is plenty of excitement, freedom, certainty, love, happiness, joy, fun and ADVENTURE!

Funny thing is –

Many many years ago I used to think that people who didn’t have any furniture or official home, didn’t have their ‘sh1t’ together. I thought they must have been either unstable, unsuccessful, unfortunate or unhappy.

Today I choose to be ‘homeless’ by choice and will confidently say that I am the happiest version of Linda I have ever been in my entire life. I feel a whole new sense of PEACE within me.

Wherever my heart desires ❤️😉

I have created a life that allows me to work & play anywhere in the world 🌏

I kept saying yes to my soul.
When will you start saying yes to yours?

Whatever it is that your heart desires…
Whatever it is that your soul is calling you to do…

Go get’em tiger!

I love you!
I back you!
I believe in you!

Linda x


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PPPS – First stop… Bali 

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