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As I was sitting here in stillness, gazing at the sunset and reflecting on 2017… I caught my thoughts wonder into a space of “what I haven’t yet achieved and what I didn’t do this year”. It was fascinating to be the observer of my own thoughts.

The moment I realised I was focusing on ‘lack’ was the moment I consciously chose to shift my state. I started thinking about everything I have achieved thus far. I opened my journal and started writing. And boy was I surprised what I had written down when I surrendered my pen.

My internal response:

“Wow, did I really do all of that this year?
Did I really achieve all of that in the space of 12 months?”

Absolutely I did.

But I had no idea 2017 was so significant had I not changed my perception and guided myself into a deeper reflective state of what is, rather than what isn’t.

It is so often we operate from a space of ‘lack’ that stems from our conditioning and programming. I still notice these thoughts within myself from time to time.
Personally many of them stem from my impatience. I often think I should be further ahead than I am, and sometimes this even leads to comparison. But thanks to my chosen conscious growth and awareness of self, I catch myself quickly and have the ability to rapidly but gracefully shift out of these states.

Life is not about becoming ‘invincible’ or striving for ‘perfection’. I believe life is about finding courage to strive for progression. To be a greater version of self than yesterday.

I would consider myself a conscious, awakened and aware soul. But this does not mean that I am fearless, shadowless, perfect or invincible.

To me –

#Awakening means #Awareness.

It means conscious growth of self;
Deepening connection & understanding of life and self;
Improving relationship with self;
Being the observer of self;
Being conscious and intentional with our state & actions of self;
Reflecting on our own actions, reactions & responses of self and choosing to grow from them.

Just like our relationships (in any shape or form) are our greatest teachers, we are our own grandest teachers also. If we choose to enter into a conscious relationship with ourselves, that is.

Awakening is a way of life, a conscious choice and a journey we can embark on anytime.

What are you choosing to focus on?
How are you choosing to perceive yourself, your life, your actions and reactions?
How are you choosing to see your inner and outer world?


If you have been caught up in a space of ‘lack’ I invite you to ‘FLIP IT’ and change your perception. Why not write down everything you did and achieved this year? Personally I found this exercise very helpful 🙂

I will share my list with you in a few days, as I traditionally do at the end of each year.

Sending you so many blessings on your continued journey into 2018.

Always an honour to share with you…

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda xx

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