Hello Queen - Are you ready to wear your Crown with Confidence?


You may be wondering what that even means…

Let me ask you this –


What would it mean to you to have head turning confidence in your Self, your Life, your Brand & your Business?


To own your worth, truth, path & purpose work so deeply that Confidence was just a by-product…


To create content & launch offerings in your business with complete embodied Confidence…


To have the inner fire to keep showing up with Certainty & Consistency no matter what you do in life…


To trust in yourself & your life that everything always works out for you…


To KNOW that whatever you desire is always delivered to you…


If this was you now – what would be different?

And to have this now – what difference would it make?

Truth is...

Most women feel insecure and don’t believe in themselves.


And insecurity often goes unspoken.




Because it generally holds a frequency of shame.


Most women who are insecure don’t want to face or own their insecurities, so they revert to hiding.


It’s feels safer.


Is this you?


But no matter how much us women try to hide and cover up our insecurities…

Insecurity Is Energy

People smell it a mile away even if they don’t consciously understand why or how.


It can be felt in everything we do. It cannot be hidden.


Everything may look tip-top on the outside, but what is happening on the inside?


There is a big difference between superficial confidence & authentic embodied confidence.


And I am not just speaking of how we hold ourselves in front of other people.


I speak of the level of confidence we hold behind closed doors, including our day-to-day activities.


Insecurity is one of the biggest energetic ‘hose-kinkers’ of our Life & Business.


It flows into everything we do.


Our life
Our brand
Our business
Our relationships


Inspired action does not exist in this place.


A desire to show up certainty consistently, does not exist in this place.


A desire to be seen on a bigger scale, does not exist in this place.


Insecurity often leads to inaction. Instead, the choice has been to hide.


But even when there IS an action from insecurity – the results will reflect where the action was taken from.

It’s not about what we do but about the state & space it is done from.

How do I know you have been playing in these realms of insecurity?


  • You haven’t taken inspired & consistent action
  • You haven’t backed yourself, your soul-work, your offerings & your launches
  • You’ve found it hard to recruit clients / customers into your business / offerings
  • You’ve ended up flat, burnt out & exhausted because instead of confidence you’ve chosen people pleasing
  • You are constantly feeling on the edge about everything
  • You are playing small & hiding (and you know it)
  • You have a big vision & mission, yet you are procrastinating on execution
  • You keep reverting back to old ways & patterns because it feels safer
  • You keep comparing yourself to others

Hey Queen, I’m Linda.

And I see you & feel you so deeply.


Once upon a time used to be the girl who hid under her own insecurities. And my insecurities sure played an expensive part in my life.


I didn’t trust myself & my life. I didn’t trust it could all happen for me. So naturally, I wasn’t having the results I wanted to have in my life & business.


Every day comparison consumed me. Every day I would be crippled with fear and then revert back to playing small again. And the moments that I took action never led to the outcomes I desired.


Reality is…
I just wasn’t fully owning myself, my truth, my purpose work, my energetic expression & my mission.


It all came down to me…

So I made a commitment to myself… that one day I would be owning myself & my work on every level, and actually have the results that I wanted. I wanted to attract soul mate clients into my business. I wanted to play a bigger game in my life, business & soul-service. I wanted to be, do & have more and feel so daym juicy about it!


So here I am… If I can – You can!


I truly am so blessed, excited and LIT UP helping other women embody confidence so they can be, do & have more, too.


If you are a woman who identifies with being Born For More – you already know you are here for big things. You are here to make huge impact.


So, what difference would it make if you learnt to embody head-turning confidence into yourself, your life, your business & everything else you do?


I have a feeling your answers are grand, hence why I created this powerful Quantum Shifting 4-week Experience so that you can learn to embody confidence, fast!

An intensive experience designed to help you embody confidence in Quantum Time.

In the space of 4 weeks you will…


  • Gain confidence in your Self, your Life, your Business & your Brand
  • Shift your energetic state from insecurity to embodied confidence
  • Gain Clarity, Courage & true inner Alignment within yourself & your soul-work
  • Own your truth, path, purpose work & business like you never have before
  • Create launches and offerings from a space of excitement, trust & confidence
  • Activate your inner soul-fire into consistent inspired action from within
  • Start trusting in yourself, your life & your future
  • Apply the fundamentals you need to Quantum Shift
  • Overcome blocks around being seen so that you can start playing a bigger game
  • Create a new Self-concept around embodied confidence
  • Become the next level woman who you most desire to be
  • Start having bigger results in your Life, Launches, Offerings & Business!
  • And so much more!

Live journey begins 11th April 2022

What other Queens are saying about my work…

“I love Linda’s energy & and love working with her! I feel like I’ve been re-connected to my soul & the universe. I feel so frigged alive, happy, excited, fulfilled & “back to me”. I am shining, in fact beaming! This has been the biggest turning point & shift in my life. THANK YOU!”
– Yvette Price AUS

“Before working with Linda, I felt lost and I knew I had to change. I asked for help and then Linda appeared! Now I am changing and creating a whole new life & business from the inside out!”
– Velvet Eldred AUS

“After working with Linda, I now feel way more like myself again! Her work is so powerfully healing. I highly recommend her as a coach! Her work helps in all areas of your life. She is truly amazing & I’m so grateful for her work!”
– Britney Taylor USA

“I had a huge breakthrough in the first week of working with Linda. I now feel at peace within myself and my purpose. I am so glad I followed my soul’s guidance to work with her!”
– Jules Kay UK

“I have played in the growth & personal development space for 11 years, but Linda is one of a kind different! I just have so much love , gratitude & appreciation for her and how she always holds me at my highest!”
– Brittney Luscombe AUS

Enrolment Levels


$444 USD


The Bronze Crown:

Full access to intensive.
Come and do the work to claim your crown with confidence.


– 4x transformational LIVE transmissions
– Facebook group for questions, support, accountability & Live interaction
– Workbook


$888 USD


The Silver Crown:

Increase your accountability & support, and be called forth on a bigger scale.


– 4x transformational LIVE transmissions
– Facebook group for questions, support, accountability & Live interaction
– Workbook

+ VIP group message chat for access to group voice message coaching & accountability.
+ 1x 90min Hot Seat Breakthrough Coaching Session (individual time in hot seat)


$1,444 USD


The Golden Crown:

There is no hiding from me or yourself. You have no option but to do the work & shift rapidly! 😉


– 4x transformational LIVE transmissions
– Facebook group for questions, support, accountability & Live interaction
– Workbook

+ VIP group message chat for access to group voice message coaching & accountability.
+ 1x 90min Hot Seat Breakthrough Coaching Session (individual time in hot seat)

+ 2x 45min Private Breakthrough Calls
+ 2x Recorded Confidence Activations

Get ready to wear your Crown with Confidence.


Excited to guide you & witness you step into a powerful magnetic woman who oozes head-turning confidence in everything she does.


Linda x

Don’t wait for a Quantum Shift – BE the Quantum Shift