Hello beautiful human,


Even though you know you are a Purpose Driven Soul with a BIG mission on your heart –


Have you found yourself holding yourself back and entertaining a pity party lately? Have you been procrastinating, getting caught in anxiety, overwhelm or even fear about the collective happenings?


We are currently traveling through sensitive times… However, we are still a co-creator in a collective reality – no matter what happens world-wide. YOU create your own reality within this. And if YOU are not in your centre – Your mission will be affected. The people you are here to serve will be compromised.


As mission driven Light Workers, a pity party has to come with boundaries and an expiry date. We cannot afford to fall down and stay down.


Every human will experience a sense of “falling” from time to time – it’s the ebbs & flows of life.


But what matters is our ability to move through those experiences and not get caught up in drama cycles or pro-longed pity parties.


We must learn to flick the switch, FAST. To have boundaries with our emotional states and processes. We must find a way to move through things quickly, because we have big missions on our hearts and humanity to serve.


You can’t serve from your highest when you are having a pity party in your lowest.


What matters is self-responsibilities and self-boundaries. To do what needs to be done to rapidly re-align to our soul-mission so that we can continue to serve.


This is the exact reason I have created this 8-Day Experience…

Re-align & Rise – The Journey

Re-align & Rise is a transformational experience designed to shift you rapidly in the shortest period of time, so that you can continue full steam ahead with your Souls mission.

In the space of 8-Days we will

  • Re-align your mind, your spirit & your body
  • Re-align your heart with your vision & your mission
  • Shift any mental, emotional & physical roadblocks
  • Connect to crystal clear clarity and deep soul-certainty
  • Eliminate distractions & get singular focused with your mission
  • Elevate your vibration & activate more flow
  • Shift your inner state of being to create from a higher frequency
  • Re-evaluate & establish new boundaries for rapid growth
  • Cleanse your energetic field & mental process
  • Bring you “back home” deep into your heart & Soul
  • Connect to inner peace & open portals for deeper trust & surrender
  • Discover the pathway to gaining/regaining momentum in your life & business

This 8-Day experience is a rapid & intense acceleration container. We go in ‘hard & fast’ to catch the waves of momentum again. We will get you back on track with the very thing that you have been called to do – no matter what your divine mission looks like for you personally.

Intake Options

Generic Intake - $57 USD

  • 8 Daily transformational LIVE transmissions (or replays if you cannot make it live)
  • Daily Soul-work to prompt you into action & gain momentum
  • A clear pathway of action for continued momentum
  • Private Facebook Support Community
  • High Level Accountability

VIP Intake - $197 USD

Accelerate your growth with a personalised & private 60min VIP call with Linda. Get the most out of your 8-Day journey for maximum results.

*This is a highly discounted private session rate and only available one off upon enrolment via the Re-align & Rise program.

About your facilitator, Linda

Linda is a highly experienced Transformational Coach & Soul-Biz Strategist. She is a results driven Facilitator, Supporter & Educator – and is committed to shifting her clients & students by providing high level value and support through her own experiences as well as via transformational methodologies.


Linda has successfully worked with clients & students from all over the world for the past 5 years, and has vast experience in the areas of building soul-led businesses and rapid transformation in other areas of life. She understands the energetics, action & success mindset required to achieve BIG outcomes, FAST.


She is a ‘permission piece’ and a testament for doing life & business the ‘Soul Way’, and her heart is ignited to help the ones who were born for more, BE MORE – and create rapid change on this planet.

What others have said about Working with Linda

Get ready to un-funk your trunk and shift rapidly. Take a leap into momentum towards your vision.


Your mission needs you. The people who you are here to serve need you.


So, Rise Sister… Rise Brother… Rise with us now & move forward.


All my love & High Vibes,

Honoured & Excited to support you. See you on the inside x