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Are you someone who holds back with being seen?
Are you someone who holds back with being heard?
Are you someone who holds back sharing what is flowing deep inside your soul?
You are afraid of triggering people.
You are afraid of ‘losing’ tribe or followers.
You are afraid of ‘haters’ that may step forward if you speak your truth, fully.
I know darling.
That was me too.
I was hiding.
I was holding back.
I was tippy toeing around my truth.
I was sugar coating what was flowing trough me.
The raw REAL truth.
I didn’t show up in my fullest self-expression.
Because I was afraid.
Afraid of upsetting people.
Afraid of causing chaos.
Afraid of not being liked.
I wanted to change the WHOLE world.
I wanted I build an empire that had ALL the people part of it.
I wanted to build a tribe that had ALL the people in it.
I wanted to coach ALL the people about ALL the things!
And for some reason I was feeling stuck in my business and stuck with calling in clients.
Well of course I did…
Holding back from expressing yourself in your fullest truth means that you are not honouring yourself. It also means that you are not honouring the people who you are meant to help, deeply.
Holding back because you are afraid of what others may think or how they may react, is called PEOPLE PLEASING.
Yes, including what you post (don’t post) on social media.
How long will you choose to please others and dishonour your own soul in the process?
If people get triggered, CELEBRATE IT!
Celebrate the fact that you have honoured yourself and helped someone else fire up an internal response of where THEY can choose to lean into for healing and transformation – IF they choose.
You are not responsible for how others react and respond.
You are only responsible for your SELF.
That includes honouring your soul at the deepest possible levels.
That includes living and speaking your truth, everywhere every time.
You want to attract your soul tribe, don’t you?
Then it’s time to stop pleasing every follower and ‘friend’ on your friends list, and start speaking directly to your tribe – The ones that are hungry to hear what you have to say.
You are not here to help everyone.
I now choose my tribe.
I choose who I work with. I don’t chase or seek. My new clients and business partners find me. I call them in by showing up in my fullest self-expression.
When we receive from FLOW we reflect EMBODIMENT.
Would you rather run a flow based business and life where everything you ever wanted found YOU?
Where you could literally just think about what you wanted, express your soul and RECEIVE?
Ready to live & breathe Magic?
I am taking only 4 new private clients for the remainder of 2018. If you’re feeling the nudge, simply just respond to this email 🙂
From my soul to yours,
Linda x

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