Awaken, Transform, Thrive

Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself and from others?

Ever found yourself loathing, judging or even hating parts of yourself?

Ever put everyone else first in your life and yourself last?

Maybe you have been hiding certain parts of yourself? Thinking – “If only people knew”…

Me too.

And this used to lead to nothing else but pain, frustration and internal turmoil. It was a repetitive pattern of mine.

I found myself in hospital from exhaustion as a result of pleasing others and putting my own needs last.

I found myself in abusive relationships as a result of abusing myself, and not having healthy boundaries.

I found myself sabotaging, loathing and escaping my pain as a result of being so disconnected from Self.

I was also hiding my destructive behaviors as a result of the shame and guilt I was feeling.

I hated what I saw in the mirror. I always saw the things that I wanted to change.

And each time I felt like I had ‘failed’ in life I would beat myself up, and then escape the self-beating by numbing my pain and emptiness.

Binge eating, binge exercising, binge drug taking, binge sex, binge – anything and everything I could get my hands on. I just wanted my negative emotions to disappear so kept finding ways to distract myself.

My lack of Self-love was at an all time low many years ago when I was completely unconscious and unaware of who I truly was. But I did what I could with the resources and knowledge that I had.

In life we have been programmed to seek for love, validation and fulfilment outside of ourselves. We have also been taught that pain is “bad” and something to be avoided.

Even when I began to ‘awaken’ and chose a more conscious path in life, I would still feel challenged with certain aspects of loving myself. I would feel unworthy and not good enough, hence I kept sabotaging my finances, business success and relationships.

Our feelings of unworthiness and ‘not-enough-ness’ stem from our programming, limiting beliefs, unhealed wounding and lack of Self-love.
I believe practicing Self-love and Self-connection is a constant process and we continue to learn and grow through this our whole life.

Self-love is so much more than taking time out, getting a massage and saying a few loving words in the mirror.

It goes deeper than that…

Self-love holds the key to having everything we desire in life.

Our external reality is a complete reflection of our inner world.

And how we treat ourselves is how we unconsciously invite and allow the rest of the world to treat us too.

So how do we begin to shift Self-loathe and disconnection into Self-love and connection?

We begin to study, understand and to be more aware of Self.

We awaken our awareness and enter into a conscious relationship with Self.

We make a conscious choice to choose love, respect and honoring for ALL aspects, layers and dimensions of Self.

This includes speaking our truth, living our truth, honoring our truth, setting healthy boundaries and saying yes to only experiences that align with our soul and our highest truth.

Self-love is also about ‘doing the inner work’ to heal from our wounds and our struggle. It is about conscious transformation of pain to power. It is about choosing Self over staying in a painful place that does not serve us. For example, removing ourselves from a destructive and toxic relationship, and eliminating financial hardship and shifting into abundance.

You may be someone who is currently mastering the art of Self-destruction and have no idea where to start when it comes to loving yourself…

You may be a successful entrepreneur still hiding, numbing or escaping certain parts of yourself…

You may be thriving in money and business but feeling disconnected from your relationships and sexual energy.

Self-Love Collective is a safe and conscious space where you will begin to learn how to connect to deeper parts of loving, honoring and respecting yourself. You will learn to understand yourself on deeper levels, and why/how Self-love is the key to having everything that you truly desire.

  • A successful business.
  • An abundant income.
  • A loving relationship.
  • Blossoming friendships.
  • Living your dreams and creating more of the goodness.

Become educated, empowered and enlightened as this loving community holds space for your while you learn and embody tools for Self-mastery. Begin to understand Self, and transform the disconnected parts of you while increasing your Self-worth in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to join a conscious and connected community where you get to embark on a journey of healing the relationship with yourself, and in the process claiming everything that you have always wanted?

In the Self-Love Collective you will find a weekly live training followed by action steps to help you move through your healing and transformation. Here you will also be able to access former training recordings. This private community holds people from all around the world who are on the same journey as you…

The sacred journey back to Self...

In order to remember who you are you must first forget who you have been told to be.

The Self-Love Collective is a private Facebook group where you may choose keep to yourself while you learn and transform, or you may choose to connect and interact with other loving beings on a similar journey to you.

Once you have claimed your spot below you will then be given a link how to access the private Facebook group. If you do not have a Facebook profile you will be instructed how to set up your personal profile.

You are only one decision away from a whole new Self and reality...

Looking forward to connecting with you inside!
Love & Blessings.
x Linda

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