Coaching & Mentoring

Awaken, Transform and Thrive with Linda as your private coach and mentor in life.  Linda will help you connect with yourself so that you can start using your own internal compass as a guide.  She will assist you in becoming your own teacher so that you can continue to grow through your life experiences.  Are you ready to take your Life, Self, Business & Relationships to the next level?  Inquire about Linda’s 12 week private coaching & mentoring programs.

Linda also facilitates various transformational programs and intensives online.  Ask about the current / next program intake.

Self-Love Collective

You may be someone who is currently mastering the art of Self-destruction and have no idea where to start when it comes to loving yourself… You may be a successful entrepreneur still hiding, numbing or escaping certain parts of yourself… You may be thriving in money and business but feeling disconnected from your relationships and sexual energy. Self-Love Collective is a safe and conscious space where you will begin to learn how to connect to deeper parts of loving, honoring and respecting yourself. You will learn to understand yourself on deeper levels, and why/how Self-love is the key to having everything that you truly desire.

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Start Your Success


Are you feeling lost in regard to what steps to take next in creating significant change in your life? Perhaps you know exactly where your vision is guiding you but there is something holding you back, and you cannot quite work out what? Maybe you are already taking consistent aligned action but can’t seem to create the results you want?

In a Start Your Success Call we will get clarity on where you are today, where you want to be and what has been stopping you from moving forward. We will dive deep into your patterns and discover limiting beliefs that have been created either from trauma or other past life experiences. We will also put in place a clear action plan for what is next in terms of your healing and breakthrough. We will awaken your awareness to Self so that you can move closer to thriving in Life, Business and Relationships.


Linda is a passionate and heart felt Motivational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator who takes her audience on an enlightening journey through Life and Self.  She connects with her listeners in a relatable manner and helps you awaken your awareness to the ‘how’s’ of moving forward in your own life.  Linda will be honoured to share her expertise and passion at your next event, seminar retreat or workshop.  Her story has touched the lives of thousands of people all around the world.  Linda is available to assist you and your community internationally upon request.


Some of Linda’s previous speaking work includes:

  • Main Facilitator of Personal Development Seminar – AFL QLD
  • Main Facilitator of Mindfulness Seminar – Queensland Police
  • Featured Guest Speaker – Influential Women’s Event
  • Featured Guest Speaker – The Freedom Blueprint MasterMind
  • Various Radio Stations – Globally
  • Various Health & Wellness workshops & Seminars – Corporate
  • Various Mindfulness Workshops & Presentations – Corporate
  • Various Goal Setting Seminars & Webinars – Corporate
Robyn Porter

I was first introduced to Linda at the Influential Women’s Event on the Gold Coast in 2017. She was one of the speakers whom, I must say, were all inspiring however, Linda had that something that resonated with me so deeply. She truly touched my soul with her story. Since that day I am still constantly lifted by her positivity and teachings, and she has helped me understand that all of me, both light and dark, are loved. xx

Robyn Porter

Yoga & Mindfulness

Experience Linda’s unique and soulful journey of Yoga, Mindfulness and healing.  Linda helps her students connect deep within while she holds a safe space for people to move through a transformational journey of Self.  Her powerful teachings include various mindfulness practices and rituals, while she also cultivates a deep sense of spirituality, self-education and connection in her teachings.  Linda facilitates many Yoga classes, Group Meditations and Healings at various locations in Queensland, Australia.  Her work also expands internationally and she is available to assist you and your community online as well as in person upon request.

Get instant access to Linda’s Guided Meditations and Healings in the Self-Love Collective.

Yoga & Mindfulness
Jacqueline & Hengi

Linda Doktar is our dear yoga teacher and our practice has improved so much in a short period of time. Her voice takes us to very special place of depth and serenity. She is incredible with the way she delivers the class; so connected and easily understood. Linda is one of a kind and her passion is contagious. We feel so blessed to have her as our teacher.

Jacqueline Jeldres & Hengi Rigby

Adam Wendt

I first met Linda at Harlow Yoga at the Newstead studio and found her classes perfectly challenging and loved the spiritual feel she brought to the classes. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is a very driven and motivated woman and this definitely shines through when she teaches.

Adam Wendt

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