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Deep inside you know how you feel.
You can’t escape it.
You can’t deny it.
You can’t hide it under your bed and pretend it’s not there.
You’ll always know it’s there!
Keeping you up at night.
Consuming your thoughts in the day,
Stealing you away from the here and now.

You’re paralysed.
You can’t speak.
And you won’t speak.
Because you’re afraid.

Afraid what may happen if you spoke up.
Afraid of being worse off than now.
Afraid of losing something if you did.

Because right now is good…
It’s really freaking good!
It’s 99% there!
You’re literally living your dream!


But that 1% drives you insane.
It drives you up the wall.
It hides under your bed and keeps you up at night!

But you’re too afraid to make a move.
You’re too afraid to speak your truth.

I mean what if you never have it this good again?

This is amazing!
This is literally so good!
This is the best you’ve ever had!

So you choose to play it safe.
You choose to cover your mouth.
You choose to lock it in a box and swallow the key.

But just like that key getting caught up on your insides and giving you grief..

I’m sorry to say…


It will always bug you.
It will always pick at you.
It will always make you feel hollow.

Because you know deep inside that even though it’s so good…
Even though it’s the best you’ve ever had…


That 1%.
It seems so small.

I mean sure,

You could live with it.
You could put up with it.
You could just shut and up let it slide.

But darling that 1% will end up feeling like the 99%.
It matters more than you want to admit.

I’m speaking of –

Your job.
Your home.
Your partner.
Your lifestyle.
Your everything else in life.

But you’re still paralysed by fear.
Still so freaking afraid.

I can literally hear your thoughts from here!

“What if speaking my truth was the worst decision of my life?”
“What if I lost the 99% that I already had?”

I get it.
I’ve asked myself that too.
In fact, I’ve asked myself numerous times during this lifetime!

But I’ve also asked –

What if it was the best decision of my life?
What if that missing 1% got delivered to me?
What if it could be a straight up HELL YES?!
What if everything actually worked out?

Gorgeous it always does.
Everything always works out for your own higher good.

Just just have to


Decide to speak your truth.
Trust that the 1% will fall in place.
Surrender to the process.

But DO NOT get caught up in the how!
DO NOT for the love of god map out HOW things are going to unfold.

The universe ALWAYS delivers in the most unexpected ways.

Your job is to –

Find your truth.
Live your truth.
Speak your truth.
Honour your truth.

Because there is no hiding from it!


I’ve got your back.
But do you have your own back?

Turn Your Pain Into Power… You are worthy of so much more than the 99% story you tell yourself.


Your truth will always guide you.

I see you.
I love you.

Truly & Truthfully.
Linda x


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