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How well do you know yourself?


I mean, do you know who you really are?
Do you know where you’ve come from?
Why you are here?

Your purpose?
Your strengths?
Your gifts?
Your passions?
Your truths?

If you can’t answer half of those questions –
We have work to do.

See the thing is –
If you don’t know who you are you won’t know where you’re going. You’re running around like a headless chicken in a hamster wheel. Every day feels the same. You’re searching for a vision but you can’t see a thing.

Sound a little too familiar?

Knowing yourself and who you are, and living that version sacredly, unapologetically – is the most powerful superpower you can ever claim for yourself.

Most people live out of alignment. They’re not following their own dreams so they follow the dream of the planet. They follow the masses because “that’s what a dream looks like”.

Unfortunately, following THAT dream will never fulfil you…

You’ll never be satisfied.
You’ll never feel in alignment.
One dead end after another.
One question mark after another.

You are chasing your tail.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that all you need is within you?

All those answers…
The clarity…
The vision….
The dreams…
The passions…
The purpose…
The direction…
The unique gifts that no one else has.

Stop trying to search for a purpose!
It already exists within you.
Stop trying to search for a vision!
It already exists within you.
Stop trying to search for what you’re good at!
Your gifts exist within you.

You just gotta take a look in the mirror.
You just gotta listen.
You gotta block out the rest of the world and talk to your soul.

Are you ready for confrontation?

I didn’t think you were… But I’m going to anyway.


What do you see?
What do you hear?
What do you feel?

When I realised that the only way for me to really succeed at life was to FIRST find out who I really am – and fully & unapologetically step into that version of me – was the moment everything started to align.


KNOWING YOURSELF IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL WISDOM. Start with YOU and the rest will fall in place.


Linda x

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