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Having a dance at your favourite club.
Your favourite song starts to play.
You lose yourself into the moment.
Nothing else matters at this point.
You are feeling so high on life.
You are feeling so much joy.
You are hoping this moment would never end.

Your favourite song finishes.
The next song triggers you.
You don’t know the words.
You’re not feeling the beat in your being.
You are unable to move to the rhythm.
It doesn’t feel like flow.

You notice yourself moving into judgement.
Your energy begins to change.
Your vibration starts to decrease.
Your thoughts begin to shatter.

Now escaping to the bar.
Escaping to the bathroom.
Grabbing your phone and scrolling social media.

“I wish this song would end already”

Can you notice this same pattern in other areas of your life?
Only accepting and loving on the experiences that make you feel good.
Judging and escaping the experiences that make you feel uneasy.

Only accepting the good, the light, the juicy, the fun, the pleasure, the play and the magic.

The moment you notice pain, challenge, resistance, uneasiness, frustration, ‘darkness’, and ‘shadows’ you move into fight or flight.

You begin to fight, resist and judge these experiences.
You begin to flee and escape the uneasiness of what is moving through your being.


Not willing to face your truth.
Not willing to face your shadow.
Not willing to face your negative emotions.

Because nobody taught you how.

You have been taught to run away.
You have been taught to distract yourself with external factors.
You have been taught that these experiences and emotions are “bad”.

When in fact,
Every experience is just an EXPERIENCE.
None of them are “good” or “bad”.
None of them take anything away from you.

Each experience gives you more.

More depth.
More wisdom.
More knowledge.
More learning.
More strength.
More awareness.
More growth.

Could you learn to approach every experience with gratitude?
Could you learn to approach every experience with an open mind, open heart and open attitude?

What we experience on earth is our own creation.

The good, the ‘bad’, the ugly, the sexy, the uncomfortable, the joy, the darkness and the light.

Each and every experience holds so much gold, magic and value.

So what if you allowed yourself to BE in every experience without judgement and the need to escape?
What if you allowed yourself to dive deeper into the uncomfortableness with fascination and curiosity?

“What is this experience trying to teach me?”
“What is there to learn from this?”

The only way to… IS THROUGH.

Allow yourself to dance to the rhythm of WHOLENESS of your life.
Allow yourself to move through the entire creation in your own vortex.

A hip hop dancer should not judge ballet.
A break dancer should not judge jazz.
A ballroom dancer should not judge rap and freestyle.

The human experience is full of so much dynamic beauty.


Nothing has meaning apart from the meaning you give it.

Those old experiences that you labelled as “bad”…
No longer need to be seen as “bad”.

I love you.

And always an honour to remind you.

Linda x

Thank you for reading my messages from my soul. It is an honour to help you Awaken Awareness to yourSELF so that you can start thriving in Life, Business & Relationships.

~ In order to remember who you are you must first let go of who you ARE NOT ~

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