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Mastering the art of letting go… is a choice, a state of being and a daily practice.

I know how scary it can feel… 
To let go of control.
To step into receptivity.
To stop the DO and to embody the BE.
To surrender to something greater than yourself.
To simply open up and to trust.

I can recall multiple times in my life when I have pushed, hustled, worked, held on and tried to force things to happen. I still occasionally find myself in that space. But the difference now is my awareness of Self and how quickly I choose to shift my state of being.

True power stems from embodiment of surrender. Ease, grace and flow… are energies we all have access to. When in resistance, push and force there is no ease, grace and flow.

What space do you wish to operate from?

Make SURRENDER a conscious daily practice and start witnessing your reality/results positively shift instantaneously.

Start here:


Find awareness…. Where in life are you experiencing resistance / forced action / trying to control the outcome?


Decide to let go of the push, force & control.
Choose to trust in the process. (This takes practice).


Mediate, journal, spend time in stillness and just be with self. When we are external focused and in ‘do’ energy we miss our inner wisdom and guidance. Make mindfulness a daily practice to come back to your human BEing.

Your soul is your compass. It is trying to guide you with ease and grace… it wants you to surrender so that you can receive from flow.

But are you resisting the process?

Time to surrender gorgeous.

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

Speaker | Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach

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