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It is interesting to observe our own internal chatter.

The noise that can turn into turmoil.
The 5 different voices that continuously argue with each other.
That internal conflict that drives you mad.
Those conflicting feelings & emotions.

I know you know.

I also used to drive myself crazy until I WOKE UP and made a decision to become my own best friend.
And that was a long journey of self-study and taking daily action.

It still is!
It doesn’t end!

Awakening and enlightenment means ultimate self-awareness and understanding of energy, frequency and vibration.
It also means understanding of the 7 laws of the universe.
Full understanding of the Law Of Attraction.
Full understanding that we are equal, we are whole, we are one.
Full understanding that we are beings of light and love.
Full understanding of truth, purpose and alignment.
Full awareness of the power of the mind.
And let’s not forget about ongoing improvement of thy self.

It also means connection and love towards one self and understanding the difference between the 5 voices:
The Ego
The Head
The Heart
The Soul
The Gut

Which voice do you choose to follow in life?

Some will lead you to turmoil.
Some will lead you to your truth.
And with truth comes peace.
Do you choose love or fear?
Do you choose truth or fantasy?
Do you choose alignment or ignorance?
Ultimately the choice is always yours.

Following your truth is your biggest superpower.
Believing in yourself is your biggest weapon.
And when you believe everything happens for your own higher good, IT ABSOLUTELY DOES.
Faith & Trust can only be found within.
Power comes from knowing that life is constantly giving you feedback and aligning you back to your truth.

But what voice do you choose to follow?
How do you take on life’s feedback?

How do you respond?

YOU my friend…
You are the POWER.
You are the driving force.
You are the MAGIC.
You are the unconditional LOVE.

It’s all there. Just look within.

Linda x

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