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***A personal & vulnerable share***

And there I was…
A 5 hour plane ride away from what I used to call ‘home’.
Staring into ‘nothingness’ in my hire car.
Nothing but a suitcase and handbag in the back seat…

Money flowing in faster than I’ve ever experienced before.
Success being created faster than I’ve ever experienced before.
New global connections and life changing opportunities flowing in faster than I’ve ever experienced before.
My coaching clients having more powerful breakthrough and shifts than I’ve ever witnessed before…

I just celebrated a $4000 day in my other online business.
The day after I had a Media interview for part of my story to be featured in a magazine.
And I just physically stepped into the reality of my desired creations of living a location-free life by my own design.

I sit in stillness and take a moment to tune in.
I hold my hand on my heart and observe my inner experience.

Feeling free yet so trapped.
Feeling fulfilled yet so empty.
Feeling content yet yearning for more.

I allow myself to feel without the escape.

Although this is where I feel an urge to escape into a jar of peanut butter.

Not this time.

So I get really honest with myself…

Everything that I have ever wanted is literally unfolding in front of my eyes. And I know this is only the beginning. This is the start of me living my wild creations.

But why do I feel so ‘lost’?
Why do I feel so ‘empty’?
Why do I suddenly feel so ‘hollow’?

And why is my consciousness filled with so many questions?

“What now?”
“What’s next?”
“Am I being ungrateful?”
“Why should I even think that I want/need more?”

And of course –
Wanting more is our birth right.
And evolution is our natural state of being.

But where the heck did my usual fears go?

Those fears that have always been there.
Those fears that were just like ‘that friend’ who has always stuck by my side, no matter what.

I am almost feeling out of place!

“Who am I?”
“Where am I?”
“What happened?”
“What is happening, now?”

A whole new feeling.
A whole new state of being.
A whole new playing field and a whole new game.

I continue to sit with my deep inner wonder.
I continue to observe my inner experience and responses.

I feel so much yet I am so numb at the same time.

It doesn’t make sense…
I just claimed to myself and to the world that I am the happiest I have ever been!

And that is true.


(PS – will there ever be life without a ‘but’?)….

A new kind of fear has filled up my being.

“Isn’t anything ever going to be enough?”


So I continue to dive even deeper within.
I explore these chaotic internal ponderings.
I give myself permission to be and to feel…

And so another level of truth begins to surface…
A new layer of truth has now been exposed:


Do what???


Hold on… what?

This new truth is forcefully moving through the layers of my being:

I want and desire to share the bounty of this beautiful life with a King.
With MY King.


Don’t be ridiculous. You are a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man. You know happiness comes from within. Happiness is an ‘inside job’.


Thank you dear Ego for yet again doing your job so beautifully and ‘protecting’ me and keeping me ‘safe’. I honour you and your ‘job’ within my life and my being. However, I am ready to share this dream with a King, with MY King. I do not ‘need’ this in order to feel fulfilment or happiness, I simply want and desire.

Just like I have turned every other want and desire into reality thus far, I now also choose to honour this deeper truth of my wants and desires.

Truth is –

We are relational beings and connection is a natural state of being human and being alive.
Intimacy, love, connection and companionship is all part of our humanly experience.
We are born to mate, to collaborate, to rise, grow and to BE together. We are all connected and part of the same whole.

However, in this human journey

We are taught separation and distance.
We are taught to “keep quiet & be strong”
We are taught independence & protection.
We are taught to avoid vulnerability & openness.

After all, we have all come from the same place.
We have come from love.
And the journey home is a journey of LOVE.


With every inhale I breathe you in.
With every exhale I speak to your soul…


And so it is.

❤️ Namaste…

– Where in your life are you blocking yourself from deeper truths that are trying to surface?

Think work, lifestyle, income, health, relationships, body, environment…


Living in denial and ignorance of our own truth
keeps us feeling ‘stuck’.
It holds us back and keeps us small.
It chains us down in our inner prison.

Will you choose courage and dive deeper within?
Will you be brave enough to honour your findings…?

Face your truth.
Own your truth.
Speak your truth.

And give yourself permission to LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

Always an honour to share with you…
No matter how uncomfortable that sometimes feels.

OWN YOUR TRUTH, gorgeous.
It’s liberating.

I love you. So much.

Linda x

Do you feel called to reach out for guidance in relation to how to connect with deeper parts of self? How to honour your truth and manifest a life that serves every level and layer of your being? Then act on that inner nudge. Looking forward to speaking with you x

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