Introduction - What is The Expansion Experience

Hello soul sister / soul brother… It is no accident you’ve landed on this page. The fact that you are here tells me that you have been looking for something… You have been looking for the missing piece to having it all? Not just having all the ‘things’, but also feeling happiness, joy, love, abundance and fulfillment on the inside. You have meditated, read books, attended events, enrolled into some courses and programs, yet there is still something that you feel you are missing.


I know… The Personal Development world has been telling you that you keep needing the next healing and the next program to give you something you don’t yet have. So, you have been running around seeking more knowledge, more wisdom and more of everything outside of yourself. This has put you on a hamster wheel of frustration. Feeling like you keep chasing your own tail.


You have been stuck in the self-judgement cycle, emotional turmoil, perhaps felt challenged in your relationships, searching for your purpose and been trying to manifest what you desire – yet you still feel like you haven’t quite figured it out. You feel like you haven’t been able to get ahead. A feeling of emptiness and confusion.


And in the midst of this chaos and frustration you may even have distracted yourself from these uncomfortable feelings with disempowering substances or behaviors.


It is not your fault that you have been misled and not been told the truth. Because you already have everything you need inside of you. You may have heard this before, but maybe you just haven’t been taught how to connect to your soul and how to access this wisdom.


You also have not been able to receive on deeper levels, including play, pleasure and all of your other desires that you have tried to manifest. So instead your low self-worth pattern has kept playing repetitively like and old sound record on replay. And this in turn has played a big part in the money, business, relationship, dream body or lifestyle that you don’t yet have. But most of all, the true feeling of deep sincere happiness, contentment and fulfillment. Those are states that you haven’t experienced for long periods of time for a long time, if ever.


It’s ok… Because you don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you know… I know you have been doing the best you can with the knowledge and resources that you have had available. But for as long as you keep taking the same action you will keep getting the same outcome. Nothing will change.


The problem is that there is a part of you that has still kept thinking that you are broken. You have been running away from and judging your ‘shadows’ and ‘negative’ emotions, and thought there must be something “wrong” with you. Like you should be further ahead than where you are because of the work you have already done. Judging yourself the moment you feel a negative emotion or have a challenging day.


I am here to remind you that you are not broken and there is nothing wrong with you. What you have been missing is what the Personal Development world is also missing – EMBODIMENT.


The Expansion Experience is a journey back into Self so that you can also learn to embody the highest version of you and start receiving your manifestations from flow. It is a journey into activating and connecting with your own soul and learning to understand and navigate through all parts of you. A journey where you get to heal your trauma, self-judgement, and feelings of being stuck. Because love, abundance, happiness and continuous expansion is your birthright.


I am honored to share more about this transformational immersive journey that has not only changed the trajectory of my own life, but also so many of my clients who have experienced this immersion. Because you absolutely can and deserve to have it all… The money, the business, the impact, the soulmate relationship with both yourself and a beloved other. And most importantly – you deserve to be radiating from the inside out and feeling fulfillment and happiness in every part of your being. Are you ready to take a deeper look into this transformational magic?

Meet The Facilitator, Linda Liv Doktar

Once upon a time I was also stuck running on the hamster wheel of “doing all the inner work but not getting anywhere”. I was frustrated and impatient. Since awakening from depression, self-loathing, various heavy addictions, relationship abuse, homelessness and financial hardship – I continued to immerse myself into the Personal Development world for many years. I had just lost my father to cancer when I realized my healing and happiness was completely my own responsibility.

I listened to audio books, attended events, invested in numerous programs and courses and gained a lot of insight – yet I still felt like I wasn’t moving forward in terms of what I really desired in my life. I always felt incomplete. For years I had been dreaming about working and living location-free and traveling the world on my terms while doing what I love. I desired my own type of freedom, just like you have an idea or a picture of what your ideal freedom looks like.


I hustled, grinded, saw healers, meditated and wrote down my daily gratitudes in my journal. I did everything the Personal Development world told me to do, yet I still could not grasp what I was missing. I began to study successful people who had what I wanted, and I soon came to realize what I was missing… EMBODIMENT. I was doing all the “do” and completely missing the most vital part of it all, the BE. I had been creating separation within myself and blocked myself from receiving. I had been running away from my emotions and judging myself day in and day out, because I got told to “just think positive and be grateful.” And here is where my journey into embodiment began…


When I mastered the missing link to deep sincere happiness and manifestation from flow, I was very quickly able to transition into a fully location-free lifestyle and start living life on my terms. I began to feel such deep happiness daily. My manifestations came to life so rapidly, and it felt like my whole reality kept shifting in an instant. I built not only one, but two of my businesses to 6 figures in the space of 12 months. My environment was filled with soul-mate friends and also soul-mate clients in my business. Everything was flowing, and I almost couldn’t believe the reality of my life. I used to only cry from feeling sadness and frustration, now I was shedding tears from gratitude.


The more embodied I became within myself the more fulfilled I felt and the faster my manifestations came to fruition. I then began to teach this missing piece in my coaching business and saw this rapid shift within my clients. Hence, I created this powerful transmission to hold you, guide you and witness you – until you have mastered this within yourself too.

Why The Expansion Experience?

  • Strip away limiting layers, beliefs, programming and conditioning – and as a result expand into a fully expressed life of freedom.
  • Heal and deep wounded trauma from childhood and adult age.
  • Break your disempowering patterns and create brand new habits in all areas of life.
  • Learn to understand ALL parts of you and learn to navigate through your inner being with more ease.
  • Learn to access deep soul wisdom and how to start trusting your intuition and inner guidance.
  • Learn how to become your own healer and see your own ‘blind spots’ that you previously were unable to see to move forward.
  • Learn how to release your self-judgement, self-sabotage and low self-worth.
  • Learn to master your emotions and understand how to navigate through the different parts and ‘bodies’ of being human.
  • Learn to embody the highest version of you and start receiving your manifestations from flow.
  • Lean how to create long lasting change to keep moving forward in love, bliss, purpose and abundance.
  • And so much more…

What you will experience…

Week 1 – The Mind Body & Identity

Discover how your mind truly operates including the 3 aspects of consciousness. Deepen your self-awareness and learn to navigate through the different aspects of your mind dimension. Recognize your unconscious patterns and identities, so that you can rectify your limiting inner programs.


Highlights include:

  • Setting True Goals: Understand why so many people set goals and never achieve them, and learn how to set true goals that align with your soul and your highest truth.
  • The Hidden Functions of the Unconscious Mind: Learn how your unconscious mind operates and how to re-wire your thought patterns.
  • The Role of the Ego: Learn to understand your Ego and how to change how you relate with this part of you.
  • The 6 Sabotaging Identities: Learn to understand the psychology behind self-sabotage so that you can better understand yourself and your patterns to rectify them.
  • The Psychology Behind Making Ineffective Choices: Learn to understand how you have been making ineffective decisions and as a result not created or manifested your true desires.


Week 2 – The Physical Body
Discover how your physical body operates in conjunction with the Universal laws. Learn to listen to your own vessel instead of the myths of society that have kept you stuck in programmed food, health and sickness patterns. Heal the relationship with your body and learn to embody highest form of wellbeing available to you.


Highlights include:

  • Physical Embodiment: Learn to master optimal health with these 5 needs of the physical body.
  • The Circadian Rhythms: Learn to understand the laws of the body and how to best utilize them for your maximum benefit.
  • Identifying & Rectifying Physical Pain & Sickness: Awaken your awareness to habits and ‘programs’ of society that are slowly poisoning you and causing you pain.
  • Intuitive Eating: Learn to connect to your own vessel and start eating what and how is right for you.
  • Healing Body Shame: Releasing self-judgement and healing the relationship with your physical vessel.


Week 3 – The Energy Body
Learn to understand energy and navigate through the energetic centers and The Laws of The Universe. Become more connected to your energy body and learn to know and understand how to maintain your highest frequency.


Highlights include:

  • Quantum Physics: Learn to understand the Laws of The Universe and how you create your reality.
  • The Chakra System: Understand the energy centers in your body and how to balance and return to your natural state of being.
  • Energy Contributors: Understand what contributes to your energy and how to use this information to your everyday advantage.
  • Energy Cleansing & Protection: Learn to cleanse and protect your energetic field for maximum flow and connection to source.
  • Meditation: Learn how to deepen your meditation practice to deepen your results.


Week 4 – The Emotion Body
Learn to understand how to feel, process and acknowledge your emotions. Discover the emotional pathway to healing, and also learn to manifest your desires through your emotion body. Learn powerful processing tools and how to create safe containers to express, be with and release uncomfortable emotions.


Highlights include:

  • Emotional Mastery: Learn the art of emotional embodiment to feel, express, communicate and transcend though your emotions.
  • Emotional Vibrational Frequency: Understand how your daily reality shapes itself through your emotions.
  • Emotional Blockages: Learn what the consequences of unprocessed emotions are, and how to release them and avoid blockages in future.
  • Understanding ‘Negative’ Emotions: Learn how to change your relationship with your ‘negative’ emotions and transcend them into love.
  • Emotional Clarity & Expression: Learn to process and express your emotions in a healthy manner. Gain somatic processing practices and tools to use for the rest of your life.


Week 5 – The Shadow / Trauma Body
Discover how to transform your entire relationship with your pain and your shadows. Learn to understand this part of you on deeper levels and how to heal your trauma to let go of the past. Gain deep insight about your emotional triggers and what they are here to teach you.


Highlights include:

  • Transmutation/Ascension of Pain: Learn to change your relationship with pain and how to hold yourself through your grief.
  • The Shadow: Learn to understand your shadows and what wisdom they are teaching you.
  • Emotional Triggers: Learn to understand the psychology behind having a heightened emotional response and reaction.
  • Childhood Patterns & Identities: Discover where your patterns stem from and how to break them.
  • Healing Trauma: Learn to heal deep wounded trauma and move on from the past.


Week 6 – Relationships & Sexuality
Discover how to bring more love, passion, intimacy and communication into your relationship with Self and others. Begin your journey of releasing shame and guilt around sex and sexuality, and how to also understand the opposite sex on deeper levels.


Highlights include:

  • Relationship with Self: Learn to understand yourself on deeper levels and begin to relate with yourself in a more empowering and connected way.
  • Polarity: Learn to understand the Feminine & Masculine essence, and how to balance out the two.
  • Sex & Sexuality: Releasing shame and fear around sex/sexuality, and returning to your natural state.
  • Pleasure: Begin to heal your relationship with pleasure and experience more intimacy with Self & others.
  • Understanding Relationships: Learn how to bring more love, passion and communication back into your relationships.


Week 7 – Aligned Soul Certainty
Discover how to connect to your soul truth and keep living from this place every day. Find wholeness in your being by “returning back home” into who you truly are. Align your actions with your soul and learn to move forward with inner certainty.


Highlights include:

  • Soul Alignment: Learn to understand alignment and how to stay in alignment with your own soul.
  • Soul Truth: Learn to navigate into the chasms of your own being and connect with the highest truth of your soul – living, honoring and speaking your truth unapologetically.
  • Elimination of Inner Conflicts: Learn to navigate through and integrate all parts of Self and live from a place of wholeness.
  • Soul Expression: Discover how to express yourself and your truth unapologetically.
  • Boundaries: Learn to set healthy and essential boundaries that serve you and your growth.


Week 8 – Money & Abundance
Discover how to raise your abundance frequency and elevate your financial blueprint. Re-wire your thoughts and beliefs. Heal your relationship with money and begin to receive higher levels of money and abundance.


Highlights include:

  • Limiting Money Identities & Beliefs: Learn to understand what has held you back in your finances and how to address these limiting realities.
  • Abundance Re-Code: Learn to shift from scarcity into abundance.
  • Money Re-Code: Learn to understand money and heal your relationship with it.
  • Abundance Flow: Learn ways to instantly increase your daily abundance flow.
  • Financial Blue Print: Re-create a brand new financial blue print to start moving you to higher levels of money and abundance.


Week 9 – Purpose & Impact
Discover how to activate / deepen your life purpose / soul purpose. Get clarity on your vision and create a brand-new identity to help you embody this vision, now. Step into next level of leadership within your life and business.


Highlights include:

  • Purpose: Connect to / deepen your life purpose and soul purpose.
  • Your Message: Connect / deepen your message that you are here to share with the world.
  • Your Vision: Get clarity on your life’s vision and begin to step into this, now.
  • Leadership: Connect to higher levels of leadership in your own life and your business.
  • Identity Shift: Get full clarity on your new identity of who you need to become in order to live your vision.


Week 10 – Quantum Expansion
Discover the art of true embodiment and how to start receiving your manifestation from flow. Learn to re-code yourself and how to create long lasting change in your life. Be called forward into the next level you, now.


Highlights include:

  • Creating Long Lasting Change: Learn the essential principles of long-lasting change.
  • Flow state: Learn what flow truly means and how to increase flow in your everyday life.
  • Aligned Action: Learn how to shift from disempowering action into aligned empowering action, and how to recognize the difference.
  • Re-Coding: Learn the process of how to have a breakthrough and how to keep re-coding yourself for further breakthroughs.
  • Embodied Manifestation: Learn the art of embodied manifestation and become a manifestation machine. Start having your desires show up instantaneously..

What some previous clients have said about The Expansion Experience

“I was able to forgive myself and understand myself and my relationships better. Each week was an eye opener, thank you for pushing me to go deeper! Have loved every minute!”
– Jennifer Dore

“I’m absolutely a different person today than I was six weeks ago. I’ve unblocked limiting beliefs within myself and taken on new powerful beliefs and embodied new rituals into my life. I have gained so much awareness and certainty around my vision, purpose and message. Linda has given me lifelong tools and I love that I have the content for life.”
– Steve Anthony

“Linda’s Expansion Program has taught me so much! This program has shown me things that I never dreamed or never knew that I’d be able to do on my own. I’ve seen so much change in myself over the last few weeks and it was just worth every single cent of that investment.”
– Lauren Coco

Generic Access:


• Members portal including 10x weekly Expansion master classes. (Lifetime access)
• Opening & Closing Ceremony for preparation & integration.
• Access to the private Expansion Facebook group: A members support space for accountability, shares & live connection. (Lifetime access)
• Weekly Expansion Actions (embodiment practices & rituals to deepen your learning).
• Weekly Work sheets for detailed guidance.
• Guided Meditations & activations to connect and step into the next level you.

VIP Access:


• Members portal including 10x weekly Expansion master classes. (Lifetime access)
• Opening & Closing Ceremony for preparation & integration.
• Access to the private Expansion Facebook group: A members support space for accountability, shares & live connection. (Lifetime access)
• Weekly Expansion Actions (embodiment practices & rituals to deepen your learning).
• Weekly Work sheets for detailed guidance.
• Guided Meditations & activations to connect and step into to the next level you.


• Deepen your experience with a weekly 30min 1:1 Expansion Call (for 10 weeks) with Linda herself.
• Submit your weekly expansion actions and have Linda personally check your work and give you constructive feedback.
• Have Linda personally keep you accountable and point out any ‘blind spots’ to help you progress and expand faster.

What other clients have said about The Expansion Experience

“I would like to say a huge thank you to The Expansion Experience! I have thoroughly enjoyed it, including the community of people. I’m a completely different person today! I can’t believe I waited so long to join!”
– Juliette Wells

“Our world has changed so much it’s absolutely unbelievable! We have both had the deepest revelations and we are both floating! We have to give thanks for The Expansion Experience because this course has redirected us to our truth.”
– Craig & Megan Marino

Looking forward to connecting with you and serving you at my highest.

Yours in love & expansion,
Linda x