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Ever feel like you are still hiding parts of yourself?
Like you are giving the world ‘most’ of you?
Like you are still holding back showing up as YOU, fully?

That fear of judgement still lingering around?
Or scared you will ‘miss out’ on something if you allow yourself to be seen, fully?

I certainly have operated from this space before, even to some extent recently.

I have asked myself –

“How should I be showing up as now?”
“What parts of me should I let people see?”
“What do I want to be seen as?”
“How am I expected to be seen?

Every other answer than ‘MYSELF’ just sounded and felt a little ridiculous.

Sometimes we can get so carried away and caught up in the “growth & consciousness game” that we forget certain human parts of ourselves.

Can you relate?

For this exact reason I now choose to stay connected to the depths of myself and continue to remember who I am. Also the funny, the playful, the ‘quirky’ and the ‘crazy’…


I have also been a humble observer of others. Not judging, but simply observing from a space of curiosity. We are all connected collectively, so what I pass through, I know there are others who are passing through the same.

Here is what I have observed –

MANY people…

Hide behind a mask.
Hide behind self-sabotage.
Hide behind motivational quotes.
Hide behind a ‘spiritual camouflage’.
Hide behind their message/purpose/business.

And of course –

People also hide from themselves and from responsibility.

This is not an uncommon thing.
And I am certainly not making any of this wrong.

I just stopped by to awaken your awareness and to give you an opportunity for deeper introspection (if you choose) 😊

Especially if one of the above gave you an uncomfortable internal experience.. I invite you to explore this deeper within yourself.

Can you sit with it?
Can you be with it?
Can you move through it rather than hide from it?

A few guiding questions to ask yourself –

“What am I afraid of?”
“Where am I not showing up, fully?”
“Where am I afraid to be seen, fully?”

Gorgeous man/woman… I SEE YOU.
And I want to see more of YOU.

I want to see who you truly are.
I want to see the fun, the quirky, the crazy & the silly.
I also want to see deep within.
I want to understand who you are.
I want to see ALL parts of you.
I want to see your contrast.
I want to see what makes you HUMAN.
I want to learn to understand what makes you smile and what makes you cry.
I want to know about your life hiccoughs because I have them too.
I want to know about the funny things that have happened/happen to you because I have endless funny stories to share with you too!

Like recently being mistaken for Lindsay Lohan’s scout in Phuket! 😂
Yes! I am sharing the same island with Ms Lohan. Her manager had made a booking under “Linda” at my tree house! I experienced more like 7 star service instead of 5. It was wonderful. And funny when they told me about this on NYE.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a global game changer, a serial entrepreneur, a motivator, a coach, a business owner, a stay at home mum, a dad, a 9-5 worker or something else – We all have one major thing in common:


What is it that makes you human?

I want to see YOU.

Give yourself permission to be seen.
You owe yourself that freedom of self.

Always an honour to guide you & remind you…

Love & blessings,
Linda x


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