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Ever feel like you are part of a constant uphill battle called #CONTROL?
Having the need to control every part of your life?

Trying to control the “how’s” of your life?
Trying to control how your external world shapes up?
Trying to control what other people think and how they treat you?
Even trying to figure out how your manifestations will unfold?

Perhaps you have even self-diagnosed and admitted to being a ‘control freak’ ?

Surrendering is easy.

I have been there too.

I have tried to control every part of my life and what happens outside of me.

I have also felt like I have lost control.

I have given my power away to abusive relationships, to self-loathing behaviours and to various external factors.

Can you relate?

Feeling a sense of ‘loss of control’ is not uncommon. Especially if we have given our power away to external factors or it has temporarily been taken away from us.

If we have not consciously called our power back or healed from our somewhat traumatic experiences, we may find ourselves immersed into obsessive and self-loathing behaviours.

Behaviours that we know we are in full control of, regardless of how harmful these may be.

Binge eating
Binge fasting
Binge purging
Binge drinking
Binge gambling
Binge exercising
Binge drug taking
Binge self-pleasure or sex

And I can understand how some of you may be feeling a little uncomfortable reading this.
In that case I invite you to stay with me. Can you sit with the unconfortableness as you read further?

I believe there are many factors, causes and reasons for such behaviours. Some may have an underlying reason of ‘escapism’, ‘release of pressure’, ‘self-sabotage’, self-punishment’ and a sense of ‘loss of control’. All of these deserve their own blog and explanation, but today is speak of CONTROL.

I recently had a conversation on this topic with a high level coaching friend of mine, and we came to the conclusion that even (in some cases) withholding and denying ourselves from certain experiences and foods etc, is a form of control. This is common if we are not connected to self and honouring what is inside of us.

Today I invite you to take a moment of self-reflection and introspection to find AWARENESS.

What part of your life feels out of control?

Where in your life do you feel like you have given your power away or it got taken away from you?

Where in your life can you recognise an obsessive repetitive behaviour, and is this your way of trying to control a part of your life or something else?

These are powerful questions I have also asked myself in my own journey, and that have led me to truthful awareness.

And here is what I have learnt and also know in the depths of my core –


Easier said than done?

Yes, I can relate so deeply.
I have attempted to control every part of my life and also hung on tight to things that did not serve me – like a pair of hands blistering from holding onto a coarse rope.

And I also know that each time I operated from a space of ‘control’ I never received what I wanted. Nothing ever unfolded the way I had imagined. I always got disappointed, frustrated and anxious. I kept feeling like I was swimming up against the current in all areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I learnt to truly understand the POWER OF SURRENDER that everything changed for me. I started to see my Hearts Desires and manifestations appear in front of my eyes. I started to experience abundance and flow. Everything started to fall in place.

And this type of ‘flow’ is available to all of us.

It’s available to us when we stop resisting.
It’s available to us when we stop trying to control.
It’s available to us when we surrender.

So isn’t it time to let go of control and give yourself permission to surrender?

Gorgeous I’ve got you.
It is safe for you to let go…


Always an honour to guide you…

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

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