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It’s not like me to use labels.
But it may have caught your attention.

What I am about to share may surprise some of you, however some of you may not be surprised at all after reading through many my posts.

I have NEVER publicly spoken about this before.

It’s not even something I have brought up in conversation with my closest friends.

And after the past week I felt called to express myself and speak to this, with a very important message to go with my story.

This week –
(Funnily enough)

I’ve received a few comments and even screen shots of my spelling mistakes.

Ironically this week,

I have also had more positive feedback about my writing than ever before.

I have been asked for advise.

Why and how I write so well?

If I’ve done a copy writing course?

I have even been asked to create a program about written self-expression.

But let’s go back in time for a moment…

At school it became quite clear that I was dyslexic.

Always getting picked up for my grammar.

Always getting my tests back with marked errors that I had no understanding of how I even made them.

This wasn’t a matter of not knowing how to spell.

Because I always knew how to spell.
And I still do.

Trust me, I’m a recovering perfectionist –
I DO know how to spell 

I very often left out the last letter of a word.

I also wrote the same word twice without knowing I had done so.

It was also very common for me to leave out words completely.

And in many cases I had made errors that later when I saw them,
I just couldn’t comprehend how this even happened in the first place!

Even after proof reading.

Not just proof reading my own writing once.


I still wouldn’t pick up all of my errors.

Regardless of knowing how to spell.

At school I got told I probably wouldn’t be a writer or an author in this lifetime.

Luckily, funnily, fortunately or unfortunately –

I was always a kid who didn’t like to be told what I can and can’t do.

Every time someone said I can’t do something,
I almost saw them as a “hater”.

But they were just a non-believer.

This fuelled my fire.

In my mind I thought –

“You just watch me…”

Even when my parents told me I would never earn good money or live an amazing life if I didn’t go to uni, because no-one would want to employ me.

I thought “you just watch me…”

So I sent a CV to my soul vision who employed me in an instant, and since then we co-created this amazing freedom life.

I was aware of my dyslexic tendencies at school,
yet I never chose to carry this label with me.

I refused to.

(What a smart kid I was to start dropping labels early).

Not only did I refuse the label,

I refused to believe that there was actually something that I COULDN’T do in this lifetime.

My random spelling mistakes have continued throughout my whole life.

They still do,
you may have noticed?

Or maybe you haven’t because I have gone back and read my own posts over and over again, and edited them before you even had the time to notice.

Quite often I don’t even notice…

Even after reading something 20 times.

My brain simply eliminates the error.

I know how to spell, yet I don’t SEE the error.

Here’s a little something you may not know about me…

I have been born with heightened shakti energy.

Think ADHD…

Unable to sit still.
Not being able to concentrate.
Starting 5 new projects / tasks before finishing the first one.

But once again,
Let’s not even entertain the labels.

Unless we see it as

#A – Attention
#D – Dialled to a
#H – Higher
#D – Dimension.

As a child I didn’t understand this anxiety and energy that was spiralling out of control within me.

So I began to self medicate with sugar.

Very soon I learnt that sugar gave me the crash and distraction I was looking for.

Then in my late teens I found other addictive and distractive substances like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other behaviours.

I used these substances and behaviours as a distraction from what I was feeling inside.

I had never been taught about energy and emotions.

So found a way to self-medicate,
Searching for anything that would ground me.


My brain works laser fast.

I process information at lighting fast speed.

I read and feel energy in an instant.

When I walk into a room full of people I will have already processed the entire room within a second.

It isn’t just my writing that has been challenged, but also my speaking and use of sentences.

My brain has already leaped into a new subject in the midst of a sentence.

So I start a new sentence half way through the last one.

I start 5 new stories in the midst of telling a story.

Then I have no idea what I was even talking about in the first place.

(Can you please remind me what this message is about…?) 

Back in the day my friends used to pull me up on the way I expressed myself as it didn’t make much sense.

It was just words mashed up in one.

The story made total sense in my own head of course…

But I always remember seeing the confusion on my friends faces when I shared something with excitement.

This still happens,
However when it does –

I now catch myself starting a new sentence when I have only just started the previous one.

So I regroup.
I slow down.
I pause.
And I start again.

Today as I write this piece I reflect on what I was told as a child,
And what my current reality is today.

I am only a few months away from publishing my very first book in my THIRD LANGUAGE.

(I grew up speaking Swedish & Finnish).

This is my 4th book that I’ve started writing.

Yep the other 3 I’ve never finished.

Are you surprised? (I’m not). 

The point of my story –


Create your own beliefs.

Choose your own life.
Choose what you do.
Choose who you become.

You are a limitless divine creator.

The only thing stopping you are the BS stories that you took on from others and then began to believe.

Stop believing everything you got told.

If you want something, go and create it.


Love & blessings,

Linda xo

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