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Today as I woke I began my conscious self-practise that consisted of breath work, naked dancing in front of the mirror, slowly striking my skin and hair, meditating and journaling. As I connected and honoured my Divine Feminine I set a different kind of intention for today.

I made a conscious choice to honour the Divine Masculine at all times throughout my whole day. I smiled and held eye contact with every man that I crossed paths with today. I consciously chose to honour their Divine Masculine and respect them for the wonder that they are.

As my day progressed I set another intention to be guided to a magical place. My inner guidance took me to a massage salon. I sat down in the chair and this Balinese man began to rub my feet. The moment he touched my feet I felt a sense of safety. This man even looked so familiar that I was trying to figure out where I had seen him before…

5 minutes into the massage something prompted me to reach out for my phone…



An ‘identical’ 30 year old version of my father (a Balinese version).

“I love you”
“I am with you”
“I am proud”
“You are safe & exactly where you need to be”

– are the messages that flowed through me in that moment.

My eyes started to water as my being filled with so much emotion.

The experience I had at this salon was pure magic & bliss. I had also received THE BEST foot & back massage I have ever received in Bali, for a whole $10 AUD.

How abundant is this world?
It makes me speechless.

In today’s age most of us are busy for the sake of being busy. We operate from a space of ‘auto-pilot’ and are completely disconnected from Self and the WONDER of life. We don’t hear or feel our inner guidance – how could we, with all of the noise from the busyness of the world.

Today I encourage you to find stillness and connect within..

Can you hear your soul?
Can you feel your soul?

If you could ask your soul a question, what would it be?

Set your intentions and play with life,
like I did today.


Inside of you and through you there is a powerful force and flow.

There is guidance.
There is love.
There is MAGIC.

YOU ARE the magic.
YOU ARE the vessel.
YOU ARE the creator.
YOU ARE the Universe.

Everything we experience in life is flowing through us.
How we show up in life is how our life will show up for us.

Is your inner world feeling too muddled to even put into words?

I invite you to take a moment to look outside of you.
That IS what is happening inside of you.

Let’s start honouring the power and the wonder that we are.
Let’s start honouring the infinite possibilities that are ours to receive.
Let’s start honouring this wonderful life that is continuous in motion.

What do you want to experience today/tomorrow?


Love, blessings, angels & coconuts…

Have a magical morning/day/night wherever you are in the world 🌏✨

Linda x

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