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I know you think there is so much you have to do.
I know you think your obligations are so engraved into your life that you have no way out.

“If only things were different I would…”

What would you do if…?

Darling YOU are entirely up to YOU.

The one and only thing you need, must and have to do before you die, is to FOLLOW YOUR OWN SOUL.

You must keep walking your own path.
You must keep seeking your own truth.
You must keep listening to the desires of your own heart.

Nothing else matters.

Because in the end, that is all that you can do and all that you need to do.

You do not need to prove yourself to anyone.

You do not need approval from others to do what sets your heart on fire.

You do not need to explain yourself.

And you certainly do not need to justify the nudges of your own soul.

The only person who has walked your path is you.
And the only person who continues to walk your path is you.

Along your journey your sorrow has changed you and your suffering has shaped you. And this was for a great purpose. This happened for a reason. This brought your life so much meaning.

Just look how far you have come!

Can you find appreciation for your journey?
Can you find gratitude for your path?

Everything that you have experienced is a divine creation of YOU!


I am so proud of you!

However now you MUST continue to walk this path.
This path is yours to walk and yours to walk alone.

Yes people will come and go.

Can you see this as a gift?
Can you see the actual gift IN this?

People will show up in your path to teach you about your life and about yourself.

Some will hold up a mirror so that you can see deeply into your own soul.

Your wounds will be exposed.
Your triggers will be fired up.

And that’s ok!
In fact, it’s perfect!

Because every opportunity is an opportunity for divine growth and positive movement forward.

Some people will stay for a short time.
Some people will stay for a long time.

It’s time to let go of the attachment and opinions of others and focus on your own path.

Your soul always knows the way.
Your soul will lead you to your truth.
Your soul will guide you home.

So, Where is home?

Home (in this lifetime) is right here darling.
Home is right here in this moment on this path.
Your path.

No more looking sideways.
No more seeking approval.
No more holding yourself back from what you truly came here for.

Because the only thing you must, need and have to do before you die…


What that is, only you know.

I cannot tell you where to go.

I can only guide you to look within and help peel back the layers that muddled who you truly are.

So keep on waking.
Embrace your journey.
Follow your inner compass.

May you find grace, gratitude, acceptance and appreciation for what has been and what is yet to come.

What is coming is up to you.
So listen to the nudges of your own soul and you cannot go wrong.

I love you so much!! ❤️

Always an honour to…

Help you… Guide you… Encourage you… Empower you… Share with you… Trigger you… Hold space for you… And believe in you.

The rest is up to you.

Linda x

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I am ready for you when you are ready for you.

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