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“Who am I…?”
“Why am I here…?”
“What’s the purpose of my life…?”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
And have you truly ever taken the time to understand and get to know yourself?

Why you do the things you do.
Why you think they way you think.
And why you have the internal responses that you have.

Many people walk through life in an ‘unconscious trance’ or ‘permanent hypnosis’.

Many people live life at effect by others and at effect by their own creations.

Many people find it too uncomfortable to face their shadows, hence they run from theirselves and continue to experience painful external events.

Many people also allow their Ego Self to control their actions and responses, and this leads to more blame and more continued pain.

We become complacent.
We become fearful of change.
We become scared of taking risks.

And of course,
This is a result of what we have been taught since entering this human journey.

But we must not fear change.
Change is a natural process that occurs in our human evolution.

And when we continue to resist we continue to suffer.

So how can we start to move through life with more ease, grace and flow?

We make a conscious choice to ‘awaken’.
We take responsibility for our self and our life.
We take time to explore all layers and dimensions of Self.
We start to honour all parts of Self including our shadows, and take the opportunity to grow from this.
We begin to question our thoughts, actions, behaviours, beliefs, habits and emotional responses.
We strip bare from constructs of who we have told to be, do, have and believe.
We begin our inwardly journey to discover our own truths about life and Self.

And we now begin to remember…


And now we are consciously moving back into oneness and wholeness of who we are.

Life is a journey back home to LOVE.

And right now in this human journey we are experiencing ‘events’ that are serving our higher purpose.
We are experiencing ‘perfection’ for the evolution of our consciousness.

As a servant of something greater than myself, my purpose is to ask you questions that penetrate your consciousness.
And I will continue to ask you questions that make you question yourself and your life, so that you can begin to transform

Your pain into power
Your chaos into calm
Your fear into faith
Your loneliness into love
Your guilt into gratitude
Your struggle into strength
Your suffering into success
Your shame into shine
Your anger into acceptance
Your sadness into sacredness
Your guilt into gratitude
Your hurt into happiness

So, start here…

“Who am I…?”
“Why am I here…?”
“What’s the purpose of my life…?”

Allow yourself to sit with these questions.
Surrender to BEING without forcing the answers.

Always an honour to guide you…

Love you, deeply.
Linda x


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